By Aparna Mishra | 12/31/2015 | Business Management

Bug Tracking Software

Keeping track of bugs and errors is essential component of your software development process. For most developers any solution that is user friendly is the one that they would like to opt for. They would want a solution that will help isolate issues and target what needs to be fixed. 

Bug tracking software helps you to search and monitor and connect to errors in the relevant log automatically. You can keep an aggregate of the errors in your application and also are able to see logs related to specific errors. You get alerts about new errors via email or text message. Further you can also track the rate of errors per URL.

The log management feature of the bug tracking software allows you to keep an eye on your logs for spikes or for recurrent errors.  You can get information about your logs in real time and can also get notifications based on set specific logs. There are different ways that you can filter your log based on either errors, environment, thread or web request.   

There are a lot of languages and platforms that developers work on. And bug tracking software packages also takes this into account. Basically, these software packages work where you work.  Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Android, to Engine Yard, Bash, Windows, bug tracking software solutions covers it all and much more.

With the search feature of bug tracking software you get a simple search function like Google search or you get advanced search function where you can create very specific search queries. Get your search queries in various formats like HTML, XML, in CSV format that you can import into spreadsheets and also in a printable report format that includes all the details of all the bugs.  

You can schedule reports on hourly, daily and weekly basis for a particular search. This schedule can be set for any time of the day. You can specify the users to which these reports will be send. You can also limit access to individuals in the group who are also allowed to send reports to other users in the group.   

Advanced reporting system offered by bug tracking software packages allows you to know at any given point the look of your bugs database. Generate reports based on your needs. For example, you may want to know how many bugs were there in each product. These reports can also be exported as CSV which allows to work with them in a spreadsheet.  You can also view these reports in various formats like table format, line graph, bar graph or as pie chart.   

While filing for bugs most bugging tracking software offers you duplicate bug detection feature. When you begin your bug filing process by typing the summary, the software automatically searches for similar bugs already in the system. This allows the developer to file the bug in the CC list rather than filing for a new bug in the system.

If you want to keep track of time, i.e., an estimate of how many hours it will take to fix a bug, then you also get that feature with bug tracking software. If you want to set yourself a deadline to fix the bug, that feature is also available. And you can turn off this feature during the installation time.

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