By Aparna Mishra | 2/15/2016 | Industry Software Solutions

Chiropractic Software

Chiropractic software makes life easier for your staff as well as patients.  Invest in this software to smoothly run your practice, focus more on your patients rather than on administrative tasks and make your practice grow successfully.  You have many choices of chiropractic software available to suit the needs of your practice.  

If you have multiple locations practice, SaaS (Software as a Service) would be an ideal solution for you. It would allow you to share patients’ information across the locations as well as manage scheduling, billing information and much more with the cloud based system. However, if you are a single location, smaller practice then you could choose desktop based chiropractic software.  

Exploring the features offered by chiropractic software, there is this easy screen to navigate to schedule your appointments. There is the page for intake of new patients where they can fill in the questionnaire themselves. And then there is the self check-in option for patients who are coming in for daily visits. Scheduling is very easy with chiropractic software and it also helps you send automated reminders to your patients. Reduce your losses by taking care of no-shows with this automated reminder feature of the software.   

Converting to electronic medical reports (EMR) with the help of chiropractic software ensures that there is no need of physical storage of paper files. It also means searching for patients information is easier and faster. You are not only able to search for information but also are able to transfer the information electronically and share it with patients, attorneys or other providers. The system has built-in feature for email/fax that makes the transfer of data both faster and cheaper.  

Also, the EMR has an built-in feature to generate reports automatically. This could be either notes or letters or a variety of reports that are generated in a matter of seconds and helps eliminate the need of dictation or transcription services.  You are also able to customize your SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment and plan) notes or use the built-in template of the software. You can have standardized notes across your multi-location practice or customize the notes for each practitioner.  

The software offers you automated scoring and this lets you create a variety of outcome assessments. Based on this you are also able to create customized care plans for your patients without any difficulty.  Because everything is electronic you are also able to access patients information and charts from anywhere be it from your home or while you are traveling.

The software allow you to generate reports that are able to withstand the scrutiny of insurance firms because they are clear, concise but detailed and compliant.   This ensures that the denial of claims from your end are fewer and also allows to maximize reimbursements. There are some software solutions that lets you generate SOAP notes and compliant reports in less than a minute.  

Billing is another feature that is covered by the chiropractic software.  The integrated billing feature of the software lets you generate the claims automatically. You can submit electronic claims to insurance firms and are able to check the status of your claims. Further, set up multiple cases and account types for individual patients, generate billing statement and you are also able to set up cash plans for those uninsured patients. The software helps you generate a variety of financial reports to understand the financial standing for your practice.

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