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With more than 30 years experience in the industry, ELEAD CRM (ELEAD CRM) provides one of the best automotive dealership software solutions in the market. Catered to any size of car dealership, pick the solution that best suits your need and the software will take care of the rest. 

Car dealers are always looking towards increasing their sales by having repeat customers as well as through getting new customers. Both can be achieved through ELEAD CRM. It helps car dealers through with the whole sales life-cycle from generating new leads, closing the sales as well as generating repeat business.  ELEAD CRM provides the solution that is flexible to be adopted to the dealers’ needs and is easy to use.

ELEAD’s GoldDigger data mining allows dealers to prepare a campaign that is customer focused and target their customers accordingly.  GoldDigger makes use of best technological tools like OEM incentives to help dealers build a loyal customer base over a period of time. Click here to find more about ELEAD on DiscoverCloud. 

When customers have wider options to choose from, dealers would like to close the deals faster. ELEAD CRM allows dealers to do this through variety of features. ELEAD ACE (Automated Customer Engagement) provides automated email service both during and after office hours and answers to potential and unsold customers.  It also helps in generating more lead information that can be useful in offering solutions tailored to the customers’ needs.  

Through the two way texting facility, ELEAD offers dealers a faster way of communicating with customers before their competitors are able to.  ELEAD Text allows dealers to get new customers and answer their queries in a short time to help close the deal.  

Another faster way to close deals is through ELEAD ILM which integrates with AutoQuote which generates internet leads. Dealers can follow up with these leads by providing information like options for different vehicles, description of vehicles, its pictures as well as its price. 

ELEAD provides another way to engage customers faster through its automotive virtual BDC. This, a third party contact centre facility, that is specifically focused on automotive industry engages customers through to their whole shopping experience. Integrating with any CRM system, ELEAD Contact Centre generates live alerts and this helps dealers to follow-up with customers instantly. 

Dealers are constantly connected with the contact centre which provides on-site training as well as cloud-base reports on performance delivered in their ELEAD portal.

Another feature of ELEAD is AutoPilot which dealers can use for their service – auto and body parts service. Automatic reminders are send to customers based on time or mileage and after service follow-up calls helps in maximum customer retention. This feature also helps in recovering those lost customers and bring them back to using the dealer’s services.  

Go digital through ELEAD Digital that allows dealers to connect to customers through their website. ELEAD Digital provides all digital advertising tools including mobile advertising and pay-per-click campaigns. 

ELEAD builds websites that includes SEO features, its mobile ads feature adapts to the mobile device screens for those on the move, and also helps generate email campaigns specifically for automotive needs. This includes graphics like car pictures that are ideally suited for the target audience.

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