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Free your time from scheduling and focus on growing your business through Genbook (Genbook) appointment scheduling. It is easy to use through its ‘booknow’ button, and it is useful for your business, your clients and your employees.  

Genbook offers more than 100 features. And if you are not sure if Genbook is for you or not, then you get the option of 30-day free trial. Test this cloud based software and see if it works for you or not. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Genbook offers online scheduling solutions along with marketing solutions for small businesses. Such businesses include but are not limited to, hair salons, spas, yoga centres, chiropractors, photography, law and many other small businesses.  

With most businesses on the internet, customers tend to go online and check for customer reviews before selecting a service and/or product. But doubts persist about whether these reviews are genuine or not. With Genbook you can put such doubts to rest because they offer you the ability to put verified reviews on your site. Click here for more information.  

Genbook’s reviews’ feature is integrated with your scheduling feature. So clients who have used your services, such as say visited your spa, are the ones who are posting their reviews. When new clients or even those who have used your other services read these reviews, they know that these are genuine reviews. And it gives them the confidence to try out (hopefully the reviews are all great!) your spa.  Further, Genbook provides you the option to remind customers via email to leave a review for you on your site.

For a customer, the next step after selecting the business would be to schedule an appointment. Through Genbook’s appointment scheduling software this is a very easy process. Customers can schedule appointments online through a web-browser or through a mobile device.  For businesses as well, they can monitor and track all their appointments on web browsers or mobile devices. Don’t let your movements restrict or limit your business.

As a business owner, you can view your appointments, view staff schedule, view, monitor and upload customer reviews, and also view customer contact details and notes. All this can be done not only through your computer but also through your mobile device. And you can book unlimited new appointments with Genbook. 

Genbook allows you to accept appointments not just on your website but also through Facebook. Genbook is customizable and businesses can specify their working hours and they can also block out the days/time from their schedule. Once a client books an appointment both the business and the client gets a confirmation. The client also gets a reminder of the appointment. Further, while booking an appointment clients can leave notes which can be helpful to serve them at the time of their appointment.  

Not only do you get appointment scheduling through Genbook but you can also collect full payments and deposits. You also have the option of simply capturing the credit cards for collecting payments later. And all this is secured both on web and mobile devices.   

Want to know how your business is doing? Genbook offers you the feature for that as well through its performance dashboard. The comprehensive performance charts – data captured on screen, depicts the performance of your business. It thus, helps you take necessary actions to grow your business.  

Some of the other features offered by Genbook both for your staff and clients includes, staff access, you can set up the privileges that your staff can access, booking reminders are send to both the staff and employees, and customer management tools like viewing customers’ contact information as well as their appointment history.  It also provides you the feature of syncing with your favorite calendars be it on web, desktop or mobile devices to keep you updated all the time and social media marketing tools as well as special promotion tools like announcing special offers are available to help your business.  

Through Genbook’s various plan options, you can choose the one that suits your needs. If you are still a relatively new business with a fewer staff and fewer appointments, you may want to start with their standard plan and if you are already an established business you may want to opt for a team plan. There is a plan available for solo operators as well.   

By and large customers are satisfied with Genbook however few could not get their issues resolved. There were a few customers who were disappointed with the Genbook’s customer service response.  Overall, however Genbook’s performance has been appreciated by its clientele.   

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