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It is not that only graphic designers need software solutions for their designing needs. There are times when somebody or the other in the organization would be required to produce a figure or a diagram. Something like a flow-chart or organizational chart. For such purposes one does not need anything fancy and Gliffy offers a solution for such scenarios.  

Gliffy stands for simplicity. Occasional users such as students do not require to download the software. It is user friendly with its tools nicely laid out on the screen and one does not need to be an expert. Find more about Gliffy on DiscoverCloud here.

All that the user has to do is select from set templates. And these are further divided into various categories such as Venn diagrams, flowcharts and web design. Each of these categories then have anywhere between one to six templates. Users simply have to drag and drop shapes from this library of templates and then point and click to format the diagram.

Gliffy Online is faster than Flash, runs on HTML5 editor and users can create and edit large diagrams as well. Like with any design software, there is a toolbar running on the left hand side from where users can drag and drop shapes to create diagrams. Rotate it or resize it. These shapes when they are dropped on to the canvas have small buttons hovering on the top right corner. When you click on it, an editing toolbar opens which allows you to further work on your diagram like fill in the color, format font size and format outlines.  

Keep track of all the changes through revision control when you save your work.  Also, share your work with anyone by inviting them through email. They will automatically be provided a temporary password by Gliffy for a free account and they will be able to access your work. Gliffy allows for integration with Google Drive and this allows you to share your work with anyone and also access it from anywhere, from any device.  

With the help of Gliffy it is now possible to import old diagrams from Visio and work on it. Further, with Gliffy you can also publish your work on social media with its read-only URL feature.

Through Gliffy Confluence Plugin and Gliffy Jira Plugin you get advanced features of the Gliffy products line. Along with features discussed earlier, Gliffy Confluence Plugin offers saving your diagrams in various programs such as .JPG, .PNG or .SVG. These files can be then be inserted into whatever documents you are working on: word, presentations, spreadsheets and even web pages.  With Gliffy’s revision control feature you can also go back to the earlier saved version and work on it.  

Users can bring clarity by adding details in their JIRA issues with Gliffy’s JIRA plugin. This clarity helps in understanding information as well in decision making process. Gliffy’s JIRA plugin meets the demands of business clients by providing well-rounded features as well as collaboration capabilities.  

Gliffy offers users various options to use the software one of which is a free account where you get a storage space of 2MB and basic features. The paid accounts offers users more storage space and more features  and users can choose the one that suits their needs.

Read more about Gliffy in our blog.

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