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Lead Management Software

The ultimate goal of organizations is to convert their leads into customers. And the process of understanding what brings in best leads which are then turn converted to customers is what lead management software helps organizations with. Lead management software keeps records throughout the interaction process and this documentation lets the organization analyze the whole process: from this person being a prospect to a lead to finally becoming a customer.

Leads received from various sources such as from your website forms, your marketing automation system, from landing pages and from your lead providers are captured seamlessly by the lead management software. The software also automatically de-duplicate leads so that you are not with grappling large number of leads some of which are duplicates. Further, lead management software is wholly integrated with all your internal applications which makes it easier for you to access data from different sources.

Not only does lead management software de-duplicate leads but it also helps you classify the leads. It uses a variety of methods to offer scores to your leads. Based on this score, you know which leads are high-priority leads and which are unqualified leads. Thus, your sales team has a data readily available to pursue those high-priority leads of for example, 100 people rather than contact unqualified leads of 500 people.

While you have a top quality sales team they may be grouped based on their areas of expertise.  Lead management software helps you tap into this expertise while distributing your leads.  Based on the set detailed criteria, lead management software will direct the leads to certain individual sales rep or team. Other feature that you get is like creating a competition between the sales reps to pursue those hot and time sensitive leads. With the hybrid distribution feature this types of leads are pushed to multiple sales reps and whoever pulls it up first gets to pursue the lead.

Lead management software also offers a feature that is very useful during downtime.  It lets your sales team pull from the leads pool which they can then pursue during this slow time. This means that leads are constantly available and during this time there is a possibility to working on border line leads to help them turn into hot leads and/or even customers.

Ensure that your sales process is streamlined to increase your sales revenue. Control, monitor and measure daily sales interaction of your sales team. Make sure that leads are called instantly but at the same time ensure these calls are in TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) compliance. Lead management software also offers ready-made sales scripts so that your sales rep are ready to take off fast.

Most leads are not ready to buy instantly. Lead management software helps you build and nurture relationships with the help of automated email nurturing.  The software provides notifications in real time that lets your sales team know about customers’ interest and this allows them to follow up with the customers instantly.

Top management in your organization will have access to lead management reports in real time. With visually appealing dashboard, the scorecard of your sales teams is available for everyone to look at. This can be a good tool to motivate your sales team.  And you also get to know all those under-performing sales reps. These reports helps you in formulating your strategy and make decisions faster.

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