By Aparna Mishra | 12/29/2015 | Industry Software Solutions

Legal Software

A software that law firms could not do without. A software that helps law firms take care of their legal practice. A software that offer law firms all that they need: help in managing firms’ cases, records of clients, accounting and billing, legal compliance documents, electronic filing,  schedules and appointments.

Legal software packages are available as stand-alone system or as fully integrated system which includes case management, financial management, document management and workflow management. In the integrated system you get everything as a single application from general ledger to case notes to paperless case intake to document auditing. Depending upon your law firm’s need you can choose either stand-alone or integrated system.   

Legal research is an important component for law firms.  Legal software packages makes the task easier to conduct legal research to back your arguments in a case. You get access to legal material, be it primary law, litigation resources, public records and much more.  Also, you get the most accurate and most up-to-date information with the help of primary law and secondary law titles. This ensures that your arguments are based on sound legal research and foundation.  

While legal research through the software is a nice to have tool, it can become cumbersome if it is not user friendly. Most legal software solution providers ensure that their software packages are easy to navigate. These software packages allows you to customize your search which is easier for you to work with.  You can customize the page and organize it in such a way that all your favorite searches and research tools are in one place.

Further, with legal software packages you also get attorney editors who basically organizes the legal material in such a way that you understand the law and are able to find material quickly. This material is thoroughly analyzed, categorized and summarized so that it becomes easier for you to access it.  In a nutshell, all you have to do is ask the software for the material, it will conduct the search for you, you find what you need and then use it to build your case.  

Case management is an important component of legal software packages. Some of the features offered by this component are case notes, time entry, and conflicts checking. You get all the information about the client or matter from one central location. And this information is always up-to-date. For example, for case notes, you get the customizable option wherein based on the firm-defined categories you can create and organize your case notes. These case notes can then be used for various purposes, be it devising case strategies or for marketing.

Reduce the use of paper in your law firm by taking all the client intakes online.  The intake forms are stored electronically and can be accessed easily for future reference. Also it becomes easier to track these forms at any given time. Duplication and errors are almost nullified with this electronic intake. These forms are integrated with billing, case management and conflict management and thus there is no need of any additional data entry. Further, it is easier and faster to get approval from attorneys or for accounting to create a new account with these electronic forms.        

Most legal software packages are also available as mobile apps. This makes it easier for you to search for legal material even while you are on the move. The apps ensures that the layout is adapted to mobile devices.

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