By Aparna Mishra | 2/22/2016 | Business Management

LMS Software

Traditionally, learning management system (LMS) software is associated with educational institutions. It has been used by schools around the world to deliver courses and make e-learning a popular tool.  However in the last couple of decades companies, especially those associated with staff training, too have been making extensive use of LMS to develop coursework and deliver it far and wide with greater flexibility.

With LMS you are able create and distribute as well track and manage any kind of learning materials.  There are more than 500 different varieties of LMS available in the market that caters to the needs of the users. LMS offers some common components like registration and attendance and then are are some specific components based on the industry you are in, be it healthcare industry or marketing industry.

For educational institutes LMS offers features such as ability to track attendance, send invites to class participants, and manage the registration process through customizable features. This is on the administration side. For actual learning, it allows to upload and manage learning documents including course curriculum, course schedule, deadlines and tests. LMS allows accessibility to the courses across various devices such as laptops, smartphone and tablets.  

An important aspect for educational institutes is student-faculty interaction as well as interaction amongst the participants.  LMS offers both features making this e-learning an engaging experience where students are able to communicate with multiple tutors across the globe.  Students can also interact with each other through instant messaging, joining in discussion forums and exchanging emails.

Assessment and grading is a big part of learning and LMS offers varied options of assessments such as quizzes, exams and much more. Track and chart your students’ performance as they proceed through with their courses.  Provide them the grades that will also serve to be a self-assessment tool.  Some of these features such as registration, attendance, and assessment are common to companies providing staff training.

There are LMS solutions that comes with their own training videos which are engaging and helps improve performance of your employees. It offers you many choices for soft skills training, leadership training and much more. It also allows you to create your own training courses. You can mix and match your training with the ones LMS has and create a playlist that caters to each and every learner.  

Creating your own content embedding multimedia in your material is very easy with LMS. Set your access permissions based on the requirements within your organization. Generate actionable reports that helps you identify all those opportunities for learning and growing. Delve into average scores, understand distribution of scores, the pass numbers and much more. Simplicity of the dashboard makes it easier to navigate and read all the statistics on the page.

Understand the effectiveness of your courses. How many people have signed up, how many people actually attend it, how many people drop out and much more.  This information is useful for the top management to gauge what courses are successful, what courses needs to be introduced or what courses needs to be modified to meet employees’ needs.  

All your content can be organized into a library where it is accessible by everyone. Based on the employees’ role and requirements you can also make course suggestions. Make sign up easy with manual and automatic email reminders for your employees for upcoming courses. Collect employees feedback with surveys. You can also get analytics about all user activity and course completion. And don’t forget to reward those employees who successfully complete the course by issuing certificates.

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