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MxToolbox (MxToolbox) can be described as ‘virtual security provider’ for all things email and web: this includes email hosting and Internet. And latest addition to this from MxToolbox is MxWatch Email Server and MailFlow Monitoring. In a nutshell, MxToolbox helps you secure all your business infrastructure online.

Get access to online tools through MxToolbox and find out if your email is working on specific domain. Available globally, MxToolbox provides fast but accurate lookup tools to support internet operations.  These tools, mostly free, are used by technology professionals all around the world both for diagnostic purpose and for troubleshooting issues. MxToolbox also provides paid monitoring solutions.

With 30 plus tools available to IT professionals it provides them easy access to handy tools. Some of these tools such as setting up and validating email servers, network configurations or developing websites can be described in these broad categories:  blacklist issues, DNS issues, mail issues, website issues, internet and email security and other tools. Read more about MxToolbox here..

In these broad categories of tools are some of the features that can be accessed either free or paid, depending upon the tool.  For example, blacklist issue covers MxToolbox blacklist monitoring that regularly checks 100 plus IP and domain blacklists. To reduce spam, email blacklist is commonly used, but there are times when even legitimate businesses find themselves in this blacklist. MxToolbox checks this and provide alerts in case there are delivery issues.

Domain health monitoring is covered under the website issues category. This can be used for free as often as you wish. If you like what it has to offer, then you can access the paid domain health monitor to get constant feedback on your domain.  Domain health monitoring basically monitors the well being of your entire domain. This includes, DNS, webserver configuration and status, and SMTP email server configuration and status. Domain health monitoring scans all these and provides a report so if there are any changes that you need to make in configurations, you can do so.

HTTP website monitoring too falls under the website issues category and this feature of MxToolbox alerts your business to any outages that can prove to be both costly and time consuming for your business. Your business depends on your website and thus monitoring it for potential issues is a good strategic decision.

Mailflow monitoring falls under the mail issues category. Avoid costly delays by detecting email issues through MxToolbox mailflow monitoring feature. Track the performance of the email server through testing to detect any potential issues that can even affect your users as well as customers. Receive real time alerts through this feature to avoid any delays.

DNS monitoring covered under the DNS issues category, alerts your business of any potential DNS hijacking or any unexpected changes to it. It is important to keep an eye on DNS because any changes to it can affect your business.  With MxToolbox’s standard monitoring packages you can also use it for your DNS monitoring.

Saas email protection and continuity under the internet and email security category which is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere, offers you protection from spam, malware, greymail and phishing attacks.  Other features available through this are protection for outbound blacklist as well continuity in emails for any outages.  This feature is available to both small and medium businesses.

MxToolbox professional interface as part of the other tools category is an ideal solution provider to SuperTool power users. These users need advanced interface to have complete control over lookups and results. And this includes favorite lookups, lookup history and custom filters.

There are many other features available through MxToolbox which thrives on innovation.  And that is the reason they are at work everyday. The tools they provide initially started as internal projects before being developed further and then shared with others around.  MxToolbox still works on this principle and as a result they continue to develop new tools and services.

For a first time customer the site with all the tools that it offers, can be a little daunting. However MxToolbox takes care of this through its blogs which gives information on its tools through series of articles. MxToolbox also provides excellent customer service and answers all your questions either through phone, email or web.

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