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Paychex Online

Process your organization’s payroll online through Paychex Online (Paychex) which offers variety of functions and features. While it is primarily designed for organizations, it also provides features that accounting professionals can use.

And it is not just payroll features that Paychex offers but it also provides HR solutions, employee benefits including 401(k) and retirement benefits and health insurance, Paychex accounting solutions (for more information click here), Paychex major market solutions and Paychex payment processing services. Paychex caters to businesses ranging from startups to multinationals.  Paychex Online is cloud based and it can be accessed either through web browsers or mobile apps on iOS, Android or Blackberry.  

Solutions provided by Paychex caters to the size of the business like a separate payroll and taxation services for businesses with 1 to 49 employees compared to the solution provided to multinationals. The same would apply to other services such as HR and benefits.  

Payroll processing through Paychex is a simple process that can be submitted from anywhere, anytime.  Payroll can be entered for individual or multiple employees or it uses the automatic payroll create feature to review before submission. In case, where employees’ pay differs for each pay period then in this case manual payroll entry may be required.   

Through Paychex you can pay your employees through direct deposit, check or a pay card. However Paychex does not allow you to print your checks. Instead they prepare the checks and mail it  to you. This is one of the limiting features of Paychex.   

Paychex Online allows for data integration and import from various other sources. For example, time data can be imported through Paychex Time System to help generate the payroll. Users are provided with data mapping for accurately importing data. After generating payroll, general ledger accounting can be exported to multiple accounting software such as QuickBooks, Datafaction, or Sage 50.

Get wide range of HR services through Paychex. Recruitment, performance management, compliance, on-boarding new employees, administering benefits, and preparing HR reports, can all be done through Paychex. These are the broad HR areas that are covered by Paychex and within each area you get access to wide variety of features. For example, in hiring, Paychex helps you take care of background checks of candidates.  

Another service that you get from Paychex is a professional HR person dedicated to your organization. This person will be there to guide you through all your HR needs including creating a custom employee handbook, affordable care act documentation, terminating an employee, workplace safety and many more HR areas.    

Paychex’s time and attendance feature allow your employees to clock in/out, request for time off; for managers, they get the overview of everything on the dashboard, they can see who is in, who is on break, who is out, and they can review time off requests and approve it.  

Security is taken care of by Paychex by internal settings which allows to provide access to certain employees. And even within this access you can still restrict the information that an employee is able to see. For example, an employee can check time data but is not allowed to see any other information.

Also, employees are able to access their pay stubs online either on a web browser or through a mobile app. They can also check information about their retirement benefits.   

Paychex online takes care of all your taxation. It calculates sales-and-use taxes and pays sales taxes in multiple states.  It also helps you to identify tax credits that you may not be claiming. Many other taxation features are covered in the Paychex payroll and taxes’ services solution.  

Reporting is one of the best features of Paychex online. It provides about 140 reports that covers wide areas such as payroll, human resources, employees and retirement. These reports are customizable based on the need of the clients. The reports can be exported in excel, text or PDF format and can either be saved or emailed from the system itself.  

For any help or support that you need, it is just a click away. There are help tools available on each screen, web based tutorials and video demos are also available.  Further, traditional help in the form of online or on phone is also available. Paychex Online keeps you updated with all the changes in payroll, rules and forms and no user intervention is required.

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