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Based in California, Procore provides cloud-based software solutions to those in the construction business.  Procore provides all-in-one project management tools that helps increase project efficiency through better coordination and documentation.  

From getting access to project data in real time to risk reduction, all the features one needs in managing a construction project, Procore offers it all on one platform. Get rid of delays such as working on old versions of drawings or not working on the latest document with the help of Procure. For more information on Procore on DiscoverCloud click here.

Connect with team members and provide them with real time data and up-to-date information about the project from anywhere. All that is required is a device that is connected to the internet.  Automate project management tasks and workflows with the help of Procore which can help save a lot of time and money. Cut down the time in half for document creation and distribution as well as project monitoring time.   

Construction projects are always on-site, away from the comforts of cubicles and glass-door buildings. Project managers need to access their project management tools from on-site and Procore for Mobile provides this option whereby they are untethered from their office computers and are able manage the project from on-site. This also means that decisions can be made faster as project information can be accessed from job sites.  

Procore’s mobile apps allows employees to access project information in the palm of their hands be it on tablets or smart phones and it could be either an iPhone or an Android device. Create, edit, or review project information with your team members from anywhere, anytime.   

All communication such as email exchanges and RFI exchanges is documented in Procure. At any given time all the information needed such as change order approvals, daily log entries is tracked and documented in Procure. This allows those involved in the project keep tab about the progress of the project at any given time.  And this visibility and transparency also means risks, if any, are taken care of before they become major issues.  

Procore Drive offers many features to manage your files such as uploading and sharing large files without using any other file sharing solutions. With a simple drag and drop option choose files and documents from desktop, Outlook, and drop them into Procure. Once these files are in Procure Drive they can be accessed from anywhere because Procure Drive is synced with Procure’s cloud-based management system.

Edits can be made directly within the Drive. To ensure that simultaneous revisions are not made by multiple users, Procure Drive allows to check the file out for a set period of time.  It is also possible to manage project schedules within Procore Drive by users of Microsoft Project and Primavera P6. Without accessing the native software application access updated files and drawings, Gantt charts and schedules in Procore.  

Project drawings constantly undergo changes and mark ups during construction process and it is important to work on latest drawings. Procore’s CurrentSet ensures all construction drawings are organized in one master set and each drawing is automatically numbered. CurrentSet’s latest feature, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) automatically recognizes the latest drawing and labels it accordingly.  Further, CurrentSet automatic sheet linking uses OCR to link drawings such as floor plans to other reference sheets.  

Read more about Procore on DiscoverCloud’s blog here.

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