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Technology has already changed how businesses operate and it is still constantly changing and making businesses evolve with it. The old phone system with a lot invested in its hardware is now moving towards cloud based phone system.  And RingCentral (RingCentral) provides this solution with many features and various plans that companies can opt for.  

To begin with here is a brief about what exactly is cloud based phone system and how it works. Almost everything is now cloud based be it your files or your CRM. And thus now phone systems too have moved towards it. With cloud based, the provider manages the structure for you. RingCentral, cloud-based phone service provider helps you remove your PBX hardware and host the phone system for you in the cloud.  

All the users, location and devices can be managed by admins irrespective of where they are. Through RingCentral most of the settings are controlled by the users themselves.  To start with RingCentral cloud phone system, all you have to do is plug IP desk phones and PCs into your internet connection. For BYOD (bring your own device), you can install RingCentral Mobile app in the smartphones of your employees. Click here for more information.  

And these endpoints then connect RingCentral cloud system and you get your calls, faxes and other services. And this can be done for all your office locations.  RingCentral also delivers excellent call quality.  As for the numbers, you get a wide choice with RingCentral.  You can opt for local numbers where your business is based or transfer existing numbers. If you want to make life easier for your customers RingCentral also offers toll free and vanity numbers.     

RingCentral system offers you innovative features like voice conferencing, online meetings, all through one phone system. Get all the phone features you need for you business communication: voice, text, fax (no need of a separate fax machine or a separate number) and call handling. And the RingCentral mobile app too lets you access all the phone features. 

Additional features that you get with RingCentral includes auto receptionist feature which greets all callers and directs their calls anywhere, and choose from two types of RingCentral templates, one for your user setting and other for call handling especially for special events. These templates are changeable as often as you wish.  

Generate various call reports such as company-wide, department wide and personal call reports which includes inbound and outbound call volumes, missed calls, and average calls per day. This graphical at a glance report allows management to analyse system usage and caller experience. 

There are many more features available through RingCentral that you can explore such as RingCentral global office, single sign-on, dial-by-name directory and many more. 

Apart from this, RingCentral also offers wide variety of desk phones, cordless phones and analog adapters. Through its caller ID feature you can manage both incoming and outgoing calls. For outgoing calls, you get the option of displaying your business name. There are many other features that are available through RingCentral phone services and devices.   

Even though you maybe on vacation you still wouldn’t want to lose business especially from some of your longtime customers. RingCentral helps you manage this with one of its many call management features.  It still allows certain numbers to reach you in off hours, while you are on vacation, basically 24/7. 

Some of other call management features that RingCentral offers are shared phones, i.e. share your phone across multiple locations and answer from anywhere, paging that allows you to page to multiple desk phones and make overhead announcements and call park that allows you to hold calls in a virtual location and then retrieve it on your system through a desk phone. 

Never let you business suffer because you cannot collaborate with your employees based in different locations across the globe or miss out on conducting business with clients overseas.  Conduct online meetings, hold video conferencing for up to 50 attendees and audio conferencing for up to 1000 attendees through RingCentral.

Increase your connectivity as well as productivity by connecting your RingCentral cloud based phone system with the wide variety of apps that you use for communication including Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft, Google, and recent integrations such as Apptivo, Nutshell, Connectivity, TeamSupport and PCRecruiter.  

RingCentral works across all locations thus connecting your whole workforce. With its customizable features, RingCentral adapts to your needs and helps you manage your mobile workforce with just one system. And the billing too is not complicated – you receive one bill, monthly for the all the services that you get from RingCentral.

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