By Aparna Mishra | 2/3/2016 | Industry Software Solutions

Shipping Software

Ship orders to customers and track orders in real time, manage all your orders received from your various online stores and choose different shipping companies based on your requirements, all with the help of a shipping software.  The software helps you streamline your shipping process and thus helps to reduce customers’ complaints.  

Choose from a wide variety of shipping software packages available in the market to suit your business needs. Most offers you the solutions you require to operate your business smoothly by reducing errors and increasing productivity.  Ease of use, flexibility and having various hosting options are some of the things most software packages offer.

Exploring the features offered by shipping software packages you find that they offer to pick your orders from your different online stores be it eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify and many others. The software offers this integration with different shopping carts and thus allows you to create labels without worrying about copying and pasting. Some software solution providers also offers to import orders for you and connect to multiple shopping channels without charging any extra fees.

Connect to different shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS and others to ship your orders. Shipping software offers you tools that lets you ship your orders both nationally and internationally and this process is both fast and easy. Compare rates across various shipping carriers and choose the best rate available.  Depending upon the shipping software you choose you can get commercial rates with USPS or you can also get free ‘postage-accounts’ with USPS. The software also pulls in the discount rates offered to you by the shipping carrier of your choice.    

Shipping software helps you in enhancing your company’s brand by offering you various templates for your shipping labels. The software allows you bulk shipping option as well. Check out which orders need to be processed, select the orders that are confirmed and then proceed to generate your packing slips and shipping labels. You can also download and print shipping labels of most shipping carriers through shipping software.  

Whether you are processing single shipment or multiple shipments, shipping software makes it easier for you to process your order. For multiple shipments all you have to do is tell the system if the packages are of the same or different weights and the total number of packages. The system then automatically calculates the weight. With the help of the shipping software most of the tasks like importing, sorting and processing your order are automated and customized based on your settings.

Processing international shipments is very easy with shipping software.  All you have to do is input how many packages are there in the shipment along with commercial invoice information. The software then takes over from here and helps you print your international shipping labels, commercial invoice, and customs forms.

After processing your order and generating your shipping label, the status of the order will be marked as ‘shipped’ in the software system as well from the channel from which it was imported. You are also able to track your order in real time. This allows you to keep your customers informed. 

And staying updated with the times, shipping software solution providers also offers mobile apps that allows you to conduct business from anywhere, anytime.  This mobile app is available for Apple and Android phones and tablets. From shipping to tracking, manage everything on the go with this app.

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