By Aparna Mishra | 1/28/2016 | Business Management

Software License Management

Manage software licenses throughout your organization and stay in compliance with licensing rules with the help of license management software.  It could prove to be an expensive proposition if you find yourself not in compliance with any of your licenses. On the other hand, you also would not be spending money on those inactive licenses.  Software license management helps in reduction of risk and managing cost and complexity associated with software assets.  

Exploring further there are a lot of features on offer to help you manage your software and hardware assets. Under software license management side you get support for all types of licenses including free, concurrent, named user, individual licenses, enterprise and many more.  Get an overall picture of your purchased and installed software to manage your software licenses.

Within the management aspect of the software, it lets you support your license agreements. You also receive notifications about license expiry.  Multiple stakeholders in your organization are able to keep track of  the usage of software assets as well as your overall license expenses. They also get information of any unauthorized software usage that potentially could be problematic and also to discourage illegal usage.

Stakeholders in the organization while keeping track of software usage are also able to determine which licenses are not needed and thus help in reducing licensing cost and any other costs associated with it. These stakeholders are also able to create Effective License Position (ELP) of multiple vendors like Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.

You get all the information about your inactive software. You can customize your settings to suspend these idle applications. Further, you can also return these licenses in your license pool so other users who need it can use it. This is another way of saving money on buying licenses which you already have but are inactive and can thus be used by another set of users.

On the compliance side the software lets you not only stay compliant but also helps you track under licensed, over licensed and compliant software. If there is any unauthorized software installation in your organization you are alerted by the software license management. This alert allows you to stay constantly in compliance.

Software license management allows you to send bulk emails to notify all the users in your organization who are using unauthorized software. You can send this email as an alert to all these users before uninstalling the unauthorized software.  Further, because you have all the information you need to say in compliance it becomes a time saving tool when you have your software audit.

With a consolidated view of all your assets and just one interface your employees are able to manage multiple software vendors as well as all device types across all locations.  During the audit time you can import your data from multiple inventory source to cover all the platforms at use in your organization be it Windows, Linux, Mac or Android.

The best part of software license management is that all the processes are automated. You get your license expire alerts, your audit data is automatically imported from multiple inventory source, thus it saves you time and money.  The software also provides you the flexibility to configure your trigger points to target various applications differently to have precise control over your software license.

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