By Aparna Mishra | 12/14/2015 | Industry Software Solutions

Trucking Software

For all those in the trucking industry there are many software solutions available in the market to help them operate their business smoothly. As with any product, these solutions offer a variety of features suitable to any trucking business be it small, medium or large.  

We all look for software solutions for its ease of use, for its adaptability and lastly the cost of the software. With so many options available in the market, businesses would do best to pick those which matches their business requirements. The wide of variety of features on offer can be confusing at times and it is best to narrow down your search based on few core criteria that you absolutely want from your trucking software.  

Here are some of the features on offer from various trucking software solution providers. Depending upon your business, opt for solutions that includes not only for highway carriers but also for oilfield, heavy hauls, auto haulers, dump truck, and livestock. You may want to use only one, two or more than two for your range of fleet.

Dispatching would be one of the crucial factors in the trucking industry. It is extremely important to have a software solution that offers to establish clear communication between the driver and the dispatcher to provide best possible customer service.  In a round-trip it is essential that the software offers an update on trip status as well as is able to perform check calls.  Also, based on historical data you would want to ensure that your return load is properly taken care of. This is essential for whether your business is making profit or loss.  

Opt for software solution that offers you to: perform your tasks in as few clicks as possible, offers to maximize the utilization of your fleet as well as drivers (result of better tracking management), helps improve communication channels with satellite, cellular or hand-held technology, provides customers to track and trace the fleet and generate reports that gives you a complete picture of trip profitability as well as how your resources are utilized.  

Also in the market are trucking software solutions that offer real time integration. What this means is when data such as dispatch and accounting, is entered it automatically updates all other systems as well. This means you don’t have to manually update data in various systems which saves time to avoid duplication as well ensure data accuracy.

Accounting is also an essential part of the trucking business and most trucking software solutions includes it as part of their package. What most businesses would look for again would be ease of use, its integration with accounting software packages such as QuickBooks or any other that they may be using in their business. Typically you would be looking for things like accounts receivable and payable, general ledger and financial reporting to be part of this package.  

Another feature to look for in trucking software is regarding fleet maintenance. You would want to keep a tab about when your vehicles are schedule for maintenance, its maintenance history, managing parts inventory and monitoring warranties to ensure your fleet is in top most condition to operate and be on road.  

Most trucking software solutions are offered on various platforms such as MacOS and Windows. Also, most are now cloud-based though there are some that are both cloud-based and desktop based.

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