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Get that all-in-one HR solution including payroll with UltiPro (UltiPro) by Ultimate Software. Not just HR administrative tasks but through UltiPro become a pro in HR strategies, provide new HR solutions  through reports and analytics and device time management strategies for your HR department.  

Depending upon the size of the organization, UltiPro provides different solutions to cater to the needs of the organization.  UltiPro Enterprise is for organizations with more than 1000 employees while UltiPro WorkPlace typically caters to organizations with employees ranging between 200 to 999. And UltiPro Fall offers some additional features such as global compensation features, reports and analyses that are country-specific and advanced performance management features such as ability to configure review paths.  

Through UltiPro’s human capital management take care of all your HR needs. This includes recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and career development, all on one system.  Because you find all the information in one place the records can help in government compliance including EEO, HIPAA, OSHA and other federal and state legislations.  All HR administrative work such as maintaining employee records can be done through UltiPro. For more information, click here. 

Payroll can become complicated with all the rules and regulations which are brought in from time to time. UltiPro provides you with the solution that keeps you updated with all these changes. Through its one-click payroll gateway you get all the complicated salary calculations done for you. UltiPro, which is quite flexible, also calculates wages in both US and Canadian dollars.  

UltiPro’s Smart Tax Search helps in doing away with errors in calculating taxes for US and Canada. Based on where the employee resides and works, this Smart Tax Search feature determines federal, state (provincial) and local taxes.   

Not only payroll, but UltiPro also takes care of all benefits including health, dental, welfare and vision. It allows you to take care of all the administrative tasks of benefits. It also allows employees to choose the benefit packages they would like to opt for.   

Further, UltiPro’s payroll and taxation feature automatically retrieves time and attendance data to process payroll, generates direct deposits, issues checks, generates retroactive pay and helps you in tracking the payroll process online.  UltiPro is cloud based and this allows it to integrate with other global payroll service providers and this allows you to pay your employees based outside of US and Canada.

UltiPro’s self service manager and employee portal allows managers to keep track of all employees schedule, data and provides information at department as well as organizational level. For employees they can access their payroll data, benefits and performance data.  This portal is a great communication tool that keeps everyone informed about the organization.  

Manager and employees can access UltiPro on their mobile devices. Thus they can always stay connected. When they login to their UltiPro profile, it automatically detects that the login is on a mobile device and accordingly adapts to the screen. The layout presented on a mobile device is well laid out for accessing the information.  

Because it is cloud based, UltiPro allows access from anywhere in the globe and it provides you with security that is competitive with the industry standards. There is a built-in disaster recovery protection that UltiPro provides and you have access to their customer service to deal with any issues. 

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