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In the technologically oriented environment of today we live in a virtual world. Businesses are run online selling everything from soaps to jewel stones. And into this virtual world we find the presence of WebCampus.

WebCampus provided by AXG Tecnonexo (AXG Tecnonexo WebCampus) is a learning management systems (LMS) software that is used by educational institutions, governments, and businesses.  AXG Tecnonexo is Argentina based company with strong presence in South America.  Available in two languages, English and Spanish, WebCampus caters to small to medium sized businesses.

Organizations can conduct orientation training, technical training and/or soft skills training through WebCampus. Organize training for your staff irrespective of where they are based through WebCampus. The administrative feature of WebCampus allows you to maintain all the records of the training sessions as well as attendees information. This save you time maintaining records manually.  For more information, click here. 

WebCampus offers it online all that is offered in a traditional brick and mortar university campus. It essentially is a virtual campus.  Students, faculty, and staff can log in the specific area on the site through web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari and access all the features it has to offer. Through WebCampus conduct your classes virtually to accommodate your global student base.

For faculty, it helps in course development and course management like posting course information, and weekly class material. Further, an additional feature that helps the faculty is the exam engine feature which is still not widely available with most LMS software solutions.  This feature allows for the faculty to set the format of the exam they deem most appropriate for a particular module. Result of the exam is instantly provided after the exam so students get the feedback immediately.

Instruction methods are important in education and learning environment. This is where WebCampus makes it mark by performing above average in the instructions methods feature. E-learning, interactive learning, virtual classrooms and multimedia are the various instructions methods provided by WebCampus that one can choose from.  

The purpose of LMS is not just to replicate what is offered in physical classroom environment but to enhance the learning experience of the the students. WebCampus offers this through its various features.  

For staff, WebCampus takes care of the administrative features such as online registration, administration reporting and course catalog.  For students, it provides them student portal where they can log in and not only join their classes but have all the information related to enrollment on this portal. They can register for course online and check their class material and grades.  All of this is done through the student portal.  

To help students with their learning process, Webcampus has developed simulations and also offers online games. With different elements of learning involved it can get a bit complicated however WebCampus with its features is easy to navigate.  

WebCampus is widely used both in the academic industry as well as in the corporate world. Amongst its clients there are universities such as University of Western States, Fairleigh Dickinson University, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Wilmington University. And corporate clients, including multinationals based in South America such as Coca-Cola, Ford, Johnson and Johnson, Bosch, Pfizer, and many more use WebCampus for their training needs.  

With the ability to customize the user interface, WebCampus also allows for email integration as well as provides career tracking feature. With a trend towards virtual lifestyle, WebCampus offers an ideal solution in the world of LMS to academic institutions, corporate clients and government agencies.  Webcampus takes care of the customers’ needs by providing features that they require.

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