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Offering more than traditional project management features, Wrike is a tool that is useful for individual employees, team leaders and project managers. It is catered towards individual tasks and incorporates everything related to task management including collaboration, email integration and file management.  

In the present times more often than not organizations would have its workforce spread out globally but needs to work in collaboration. Wrike provides the necessary tools for this collaboration to happen smoothly. Team members can work on documents simultaneously, and they can also see the changes made by a team member in real time. And with this feature there is no need to send email attachments with every updates.  

With Wrike, everyone involved in a project can see all the updates presented on the dashboard. If someone misses a meeting, they can get all the information through this dashboard that includes the status of the project, status of the tasks, graphs and other necessary details.  For more about Wrike on DiscoverCloud click here.

Wrike can be accessed through mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms. This ensures that there is no work stoppage and if the updates have to be made by a team-member on-the-go, Wrike allows it through its mobile app.  

As a manager, you have the control over giving access to the right people so that they can get the work done. Generate reports that can be seen by the whole team and nudge them to get the desired results. Through Wrike you can always be on top of your project and accomplish it within the set budget.  

Further through its synchronisation feature with calendars be it Google calendar, Outlook calendar or iCalendar, stay on top of your tasks, achieve project milestones and never miss a deadline. Wrike also provide Gantt chart maker that allows managers to create Gantt charts with interactive features, see the progress of the projects in real time, design a path to project completion and follow it through.

Wrike’s customizable features allows user to create their own fields for projects to track the tasks. Further managers and team leads can allocate and manage their resources through the use of burndown chart which provides them with necessary information regarding how the team is functioning.

Email integration by Wrike is one of its best features. Communicate with your team members from within Wrike by commenting and discussing tasks.  By adding the symbol @ in front of the team members’ names will direct the messages to them and bring it to their notice through the Wrike folder as well as email. Further, never get lost with all those emails in your inbox because Wrike’s one click allows emails to be converted into tasks and can be found in Wrike for further action.  

Wrike can be integrated with a lot of applications including MS Excel and Word, Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple mail, MS Project, Zapier, Survey Monkey, Oka integration and many more. Through Wrike’s file management feature manage all your documents in one place. The file management features provided by Wrike are one of the best in the market and if you wish to, you can also let go off third party file management by opting for Wrike.

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