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What is it all about?

Oracle Marketing Cloud is used to build customer obsessed cultures, create and manage ideal customers, and power revenue performance. They use this technology to truly know the customer, engage with cross-channel marketing, and achieve data driven accountability. Integrated information from cross-channel, content, and social marketing with data management and dozens of AppCloud apps enables businesses to target, engage, convert, analyze, and market to deliver a better customer experience.


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Key Features

Targeting & Segmentation : Identify better quality leads using data, profiles, and preferences. Campaign Management : Launch campaigns to support sales, events, renewals, and more. Sales Enablement : Align marketing and sales processes to boost revenue performance. Lead Management : Improve sales close rates when you score, assign, and nurture leads. Eloqua AppCloud : Reach to the cloud for marketing applications, services, and tools. Content Marketing : Manage, publish, and deliver engaging content in context. Marketing Measurement : View insights from dashboards and reports using marketing analytics. Social Marketing : Make social connections to grow your business with engagement and insight. Customer Lifecycle Marketing : Personalize campaigns to increase customer loyalty and grow revenue. Industry Solutions : Let our industry experience help power your industry success.


The only Modern Marketing solution that integrates cross-channel, content, and social marketing with data management for the enterprise.



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Add To Your Qualified Leads With Eloqua

Add To Your Qualified Leads With Eloqua

By Gracie | 10/26/2015 | Product Analysis

As a small business, a startup company, or as a freelancer, having the ability to get help with all aspects of marketing, including the generation of qualified leads, is always a big concern. One of the most effective options that we offer is Eloqua, which is a full service marketing tool that is easy to use and highly effective.

At DiscoverCloud, we understand that you don’t have to be a giant corporation to want to use the top level tools in marketing, building strong connections to your customers, and continuing to grow your customer base. We also understand that as a small company or even as a freelancer you don’t have the budget to be able to hire a marketing team to handle this for you, so we scour the net for new software and systems that can provide those services for you in a scalable and effective way that will fit your budget.

Marketing Automation at your Fingertips

Perhaps the best way to describe Eloqua is to consider it as an automatic marketing tool. It is essential if you are in a B2B (Business to Business) sales company as it allows you to really get to know your customers, which in turn allows you to target your marketing and sales directly to their niche needs.

Through the program, you can track where different users went on your website, what blogs they read, and even how much time they spent on specific pages. You will also know not only the keywords or search terms they used to get to your site, but what other terms were used through all of the major search engines.

Integration with CRM

One of the unique aspects of this software is that it will integrate with the most common CRM or Customer relationship management programs you are using. This allows you to continually build on your understanding of your existing customers by tracking their actions online and keeping a record to show trends and changes.

Additionally, with Eloqua you can then use this information to create targeted customer loyalty programs, choose your topics for blogs and articles to continue to engage your customer base, and even enhance your SMM or social media marketing programs based on specific knowledge of your most qualified leads.

Adding this all up equals a very powerful, highly effective way to automatically manage your marketing short and long term.

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By Gracie | 10/26/2015 | Product Analysis

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