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Hoover’s Inc., offers proprietary business information through our online platform and integrated workflow solutions. Whether you are looking for leads, companies, or industries, our data on more than 85 million corporations, 100 million people, and 1,000 industries fuels powerful data cleansing, analysis, list building, and corporate linkage capabilities that accelerate your sales and marketing cycles.

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OnDemand List Building: Purchase customized lists of direct emails and phone numbers that match your market and budget with Hoover’s Lead Builder, a convenient, pay-as-you-go source of targeted leads. Lead Builder is also accessible with the Hoover’s Essentials Business Information Basic Subscription. Subscriptions, with ConnectMail Credits: All Hoover's Professional Small Business Subscriptions can be customized to include ConnectMail credits to empower teams to drive higher outcomes with their Sales & Marketing workflows. All Hoover's Professional Small Integrated Contact Solutions: D&B offers powerful Data-as-a-Service solutions to connect its database of more than 225 million companies in 200 countries and 63 million contacts into enterprise applications such as CRM, MDM, and Marketing Automation.


Access the largest commercial database of 85 million companies, 100 million professionals, and 900 industry segments; relevant social media links; and customizable news feeds. D&B is a content creator rather than just a data aggregator. Our industry-specific business analysts compile unbiased insights on the top 43,000 global companies, including publicly traded and private ones. Find reports on key competitors, financials, and executives in clear summary formats.



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Product Analysis

New postHoovers Review – Your Business Intelligence Resource

New postHoovers Review – Your Business Intelligence Resource

By Bill Mann | 4/24/2016 | Product Analysis

Understanding your business environment is crucial to your success. Whether it is finding leads to the best prospects, following the trends in an industry segment, understanding your competitors, or simply checking the credit of a potential customer or supplier, knowledge is power. Hoover’s Inc. (registered trademark: Hoovers®) has the world’s largest business intelligence database.

Hoover’s is a subsidiary of The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, which gives them access to more than 240 million business records. They provide proprietary business information to their customers, using their online platform and integrated workflow solutions. The company provides a wide range of solutions suitable for every customer from individual entrepreneurs and salespeople to the largest enterprise.

In this review, we will do a high-level survey of the kinds of solutions available from Hoover’s. Depending on your needs, you may want to contact the company directly (see the link at the end of this review) to get assistance in finding the exact resource that suits your needs.

Hoover’s Concierge

If you aren’t sure of the best approach for marketing your business, Hoover’s Concierge can help. Hoover’s experts will work with your marketing team to create and implement a plan. The goal is to find and connect with the people and companies that will be your new best customers.

The Concierge team works on three aspects of your marketing plan:

  • Targeted List Building
  • Effective Email Marketing
  • Optimized Customer Data

At the time of this review (April, 2016) Hoover’s was offering a free Data Quality Check on your existing customer records when you contacted their Concierge team. Visit this pageto learn more about Hoover’s Concierge.

Company Information

When you need information about companies, business professionals, or industry segments, Hoover’s is a powerful resource. They claim the largest commercial database, with:

  • 85+ million companies
  • 100+ million professionals
  • 1000+ industry segments
  • Social media links
  • Customizable news feeds

While Dun & Bradstreet aggregates a portion of the data in their database, their own staff generate reports on the top 43,000 global companies. For each of these companies, the reports provide information on key competitors, financials, and the company executives.

The company provides a limited amount of information from their database for free. For more detailed information, you can call one of the Dun & Bradstreet Business Information Consultants. You can also use some of the other options on the Company Information page, including purchasing Single Reports or signing up for a Hoover’s Subscription.

Industry Analysis

If your focus is on a particular industry segment, rather than a particular business, this section of the Hoover’s website is for you. The site claims information on more than 1,000 industry segments. It is continuously updated by their analysts at First Research to ensure that the data is current.

There are three subsections of the Industry Analysis section. They are Hoover’s, Industry Directory, and Industry Reports.

Hoover’s Industry Analysis

This subsection will help you with your sales cycle as well as giving useful background information on industry sectors. The information here includes not just industry reports. You also get access to:

  • Conversation starters for specific industries
  • Executive talking points
  • Industry forecasts and ratings
  • SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes
  • NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes
  • Hoover’s Industry codes
  • Links to additional resources

Hoovers Industry Analysis

You can get a free trial to this service.

Industry Directory

This subsection gives you access to analyses of over 1,000 industries. It is a browseable database that contains summaries of information that is in each industry report. You can order reports for the industries in this database, or call one of their Business Information Consultants for help.

Industry Reports

The Industry Reports subsection gives you access to four different types of reports you can purchase. Here are the four types of reports that are available:

  • Industry Reports – In-depth information for one specific industry
  • Company Reports – The latest business intelligence on a particular company
  • IT Spotlight Reports – IT-focused information for a particular company
  • Competitive Landscape Reports – Information on a company’s competitors

A sample of each type of report is provided. This will make it easier for you to decide if you want to purchase a report or not.

Sales Leads

The Sales Leads section of the site has numerous subsections leading to various sales resources. The three main ways listed to get sales leads are:

  • OnDemand List Building
  • With Hoover’s Subscriptions
  • Integrated Contact Solutions

OnDemand List Building

This tool can generate six different types of lead lists, with payment by the lead. The leads come from Hoover’s Lead Builder service. It generates targeted, pay-as-you-go lists, making it a great resource for getting the leads you need while staying within a budget.

Hoovers OnDemand Lists

The lists you can generate are:

  1. Best Value Direct Phone and Direct Email – Direct-dial phone numbers, email addresses, and more.
  2. Direct Phone Contacts – Same as list #1, but without the email addresses
  3. Direct Email Contacts – Email addresses and more, but without the direct phone numbers
  4. Company Complete Gold – Detailed company information, but without contact information
  5. Company Phone Numbers – Main company phone number plus more, but does not include contacts
  6. Direct Mail Addresses – Company mailing addresses but no contact information

Hoover’s Subscriptions

A subscription to this service lets you generate prospects by searching the full Hoover’s databases on over 50 different search criteria. You can download company reports as PDFs or export them as a list. A free trial is available for subscriptions.

You can customize your Hoover’s Subscriptions by purchasing ConnectMail credits. These credits let you download the direct email and phone numbers for decision makers. They give you access to mid-level managers and individual contributors for more efficient marketing campaigns.

Integrated Contact Solutions

For the most power, you can upgrade to D&B Data-as-a-Service solutions. These services flow data from Dun & Bradstreet directly into your sales and marketing applications or CRM systems. This ensures that your contact information remains current and accessible on the web or mobile devices.

Note: There are so many different Sales Leads resources here, with various ways to access them. I found this part of the website to be confusing to navigate through. You will want to talk to one of Hoover’s reps if you don’t find the particular Sales resources you are looking for.

Credit Reports

Another helpful aspect of using Hoover’s is the ability to generate Credit reports. Dun & Bradstreet offers four types of credit reports you can run on another company’s business credit, as well as the ability to get reports on your own business. Some of these reports are snapshots of the current information, while others include monitoring and automatic updates on changes in credit status for up to a year.

Mobile Access

Mobile access to business data has become crucial in many industries. Sales and marketing are no exception. Having up to the moment information and access to all your tools before a sales call is vitally important. Dun & Bradstreet offers their Mobile IQ (and premium Mobile IQ Plus) to give you that access to your Hoover’s resources.

Hoovers Mobile IQ

Mobile IQ shows you nearby prospects and helps you prioritize them based on various criteria. It can also give you relevant information about that prospect based on social media information and other sources.

Mobile IQ Plus gives you everything that Mobile IQ does. In addition, you can create custom views and help you stay within a pre-defined sales territory. To help you prepare for sales calls, this app lets you review industry data from D&B as well as third-party providers.

Mobile IQ apps run on Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows Phone devices.

The Learning Center

The Hoover’s Learning Center is a rich resource for all aspects of running your business. The white papers published here will be particularly relevant to you as you consider Hoover’s. Several of them talk directly or indirectly about using Hoover’s to help grow your business.


Hoover’s, with the resources of Dun & Bradstreet behind it, is an immense treasure trove of business intelligence. Between the data they have aggregated, and that produced by their own analysts, they can be your source for detailed information on virtually any significant business, individual, or market segment.

With this information, you can better understand your customers. Knowing which businesses are healthy, which market segments are thriving or fading, and how to get direct access to key individuals can make a huge difference in your success.

Your Sales team can greatly benefit from the custom lists that Hoover’s can generate for them. By purchasing up to date lead lists, they can spend less time looking for prospects and more time selling your products or services.

In short, there is a massive amount of business intelligence available through Hoover’s. Virtually any business could benefit from access to this information. I urge you to give them a try. While you will probably want access to specific aspects of the service in time, the first step is to get a sense for the overall information they provide. To do that, you can sign up for a Business Intelligence Database free trial.

Since there is so much information available here, finding the specific resources you want can be difficult. You may find you need to work with Hoover’s experts to help you find and access the specific resources you need. Or you might want to use Hoover’s Concierge service to let them create a sales and marketing plan and pull together the resources for you. The result will be new business information and insights that will help your company compete and grow.

Read more about Hoovers on DiscoverCloud or our knowledge base.

By Bill Mann | 4/24/2016 | Product Analysis

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