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Home Health Care Leveled Up – Kinnser Software

Home Health Care Leveled Up – Kinnser Software

You own a small- to medium-sized home health care agency and loads of your workend up to be just paperwork? If yes, Kinnseris something you must try. Self-declared as “the most widely used software for home health agencies”, Kinnser Software Inc. is one of the best examples of a company involved in trending SaaS (Software as a Service), which is accessible from any browser, on any device. Whether your specialty is home health care, private duty hospice care, or therapy & rehabilitation, Kinnser provides you a web-based interface to manage your business more efficiently.

Getting started

After the foundation of the company in 2003, Kinnser quickly established position on the market by offering user-friendly, straightforward, and above all adequate solution for simplifying paperwork following the home healthcare industry. Gradually increasing the range of available services, the client base grew from 300 in 2009 to about 3300 nowadays. First question for most of us would be the price/performance ratio: demo version is available on the Kinnser website and it can be downloaded for free once you register. Yet, the fee is not specified for a full version, since Kinnser supports custom pricing. For agencies that are yet to become Medicare-certified there is a special discount to make the initial impediments easier to handle. So, everything is now set, but how can you use it?

Basic features

The patients are handled thorugh several main processes: scheduling, administration, documentation, and finally billing. Determining whether the patient is eligible for Medicare, and what are his payment options, finally got to be a no-brainer. System has documentation standards embedded and matching the patient with his paperwork is possible in just a few mouse clicks. Using the Kinnser software is considered to be a piece of cake for health care providers, due to the fact that Kinnser worked directly with them during the development phase, and incorporated suggestions of the future users in the software. Previously available only for PC and iPad, in October 2015 Kinnser also published an Android app version. The in-house training is provided and the company states only a few hours are needed to completely grasp the software for everyday usage. Offering support through 3 channels – by phone, online, and via video tutorials – Kinnser did everything to present itself as available for customers of various ages and communication preferences.

The fact that collaboration between different clinicians is made possible is one of the significant improvements comparing to what offline communication could offer. So-called K-mail (compliant with HIPPA protocols) serves to enable secure and reliable contact among medical personnel, preventing redundant re-checks and potential errors in appropriate treatment. Whether you’re the nurse or the director of the clinique, the benefits are inevitably present due to the improvement in business productivity and workload reduction, bringing unnecessary mileage to minimum.


Behind the scenes

But not everything in the garden is rosy. Even though the several customer’s reviews show their satisfaction with Kinnster, the situation in the company itself is not blooming. Multiple statements from the (ex-)employee on show they hold a grudge against the management of the enterprise, stating that “It’s a Mickey Mouse, high school environment”, and CEO, mr. Hester, is bluntly characterized as ignorant for any product-related suggestions from his employees. As for the annonimus reviews, on Kinnser was given quite high comparing to other similar software (4.7/5, yet from almost insignificant 9 reviewers).

Although several well-known brands have tools with same purpose and therefore same target market, Kinnser manages not just to stay afloat, but even grow steadily. Time will show the Kinnser’s ability to adapt further – if their trend of bringing innovation to old-fashioned features continues, major success seems at hand.

Do you have experience in using Kinnser? Share your impressions with all of us in the comments below.

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By Danica Despotovic | 10/16/2015 | General

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