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SigmaCare vs PointClickCare

SigmaCare vs PointClickCare

Long-term care, also referred to as LTC, comprises of a wide variety of support and care services offered to those who need proper care and assistance and cannot care for themselves independently. This includes senior care as well. Many agencies that offer long-term care and senior care rely on paper for their daily operations, which includes paper files, time sheets, and more. But, there are also agencies that have gone a step further and use software, which makes their job a lot less complicated by way of electronic documentation.

In addition to gaining easy access to and maintaining documents electronically, the software suites also benefit the agencies as well as the individuals they serve. Despite the many challenges faced by long-term care providers, the use of a long-term care and senior care software is considered to yield operational and clinical benefits. Some of the major positives you can enjoy by using a software suite for your long-term care providing company include the following:

  • Crucial information will be readily available at the point of care.
  • Medical errors will be much lesser.
  • Improved patient safety.
  • Improved compliance to regulatory standards.
  • Augmented information exchange and communication between the different parties involved, like the patients, physicians, pharmacies, staff, etc.

SigmaCare and PointClickCare are currently the two most famous software suites in the industry that are being used widely. Here is more information about the two services.



Established in 2005, SigmaCare focuses specifically on long-term care and provides electronic health records (EHR) solutions for long-term care organizations, post-acute care facilities, and assisted living communities. Every single member in your care team will be able to access information easily with the help of the software’s intuitive dashboard interface. SigmaCare also provides advanced tools for your company’s finance, analytics, and decision support needs, thus helping streamline the process of recording patient care as well as cut costs considerably.

In addition to providing HER solutions, SigmaCare also offers other products such as financials, medication management, and Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE). These solutions are designed to help you reduce errors associated with prescriptions, bring down medication costs, and improve operational efficiencies. You can either choose to buy these solutions separately or combine a couple based on your requirements.

Learn more about SigmaCare here.


PointClickCare is another cloud-based EHR platform that offers numerous different modules in senior care, which is inclusive of business intelligence, financial management, delivery management, quality and compliance, and also marketing. The product is designed to cater the needs of different areas of senior care, such as senior living communities, skilled nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), and many such senior care organizations.

With PointClickCare, you can reduce the entry of duplicate data, prevent missing documentation, and improve accuracies in reimbursement. You can choose between administrative, billing or clinical module packages. And for your convenience, the product also supports mobile device integration.



  • Helps reduce cost and maximize cash flow.
  • Offers CPOE.
  • 24-hour reporting.
  • Radiology and lab results exchange.


  • Highly flexible.
  • Kiosks with pre-configured software make processes much more convenient.
  • Secure platform.

Head-to-Head Matchup

  SigmaCare PointClickCare

Typical Customers

Small Businesses

Medium Sized Businesses

Large Enterprises

Small Businesses

Medium Sized Businesses

Large Enterprises

Features Offered

Census Management


Clinical Assessments

24-hour Reporting

Lab and Radiology Results Exchange

Accidents Tracking

MDS Module

Progress Notes

Care Planning

and more

Integrated Medication Management

Point of Care

Nutrition Management

Secure Conversations

Practitioner Engagement

Financial Management

Care Delivery Management


Business Analytics

and more

Supported Platforms

Mac OS

Web Browser (OS agnostic)

Windows (7,8, XP, etc.)

Mac OS

Web Browser (OS agnostic)

Windows 8



When it comes to facilitating transition, SigmaCare offers an online learning center and a customer support team to help you make the move. PointClickCare on the other hand has been around for over a decade and also provides webinars and training online to facilitate transition. Both these software suites offer unique features that can work wonders for your organization’s operations, so be sure to analyze them both and make a decision.

By Preethi Darshan | 5/3/2016 | General

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