By Rohit Bhargava | 7/7/2016 | General

7 Things You Should Know About LMS Implementation.

7 Things You Should Know About LMS Implementation.

All over the world, progressive businesses and schools are implementing e-learning programs. Once viewed as merely a way to supplement one’s education, online courses are gaining traction at an incredible rate, and today even the most esteemed colleges and universities offer online e-learning options. The Internet is also an ideal training platform for many of today’s most successful Fortune 500 companies.


What Is an LMS and Why Is It Important?

The learning management system is the platform that administrators use to create, store, and manage course materials, and it’s also where learners study, take quizzes and tests, communicate, and do everything else that the program involves.


Not all e-learning programs are the same, and simply offering an online course doesn’t guarantee success by any means. In order to create effective training materials or academic courses, you must use the right learning management system (LMS).


Here are 7 things you should know about implementing an LMS in your workplace or academic institution:


  1. Not All Learning Management Systems Are Equal


Just as with any other common type of software, choosing the right vendor is vital. Some systems are jam-packed with features that may not be applicable to your organization’s needs. Other vendors offer streamlined, user-friendly LMS platforms that are familiar and easy to use regardless of how tech-savvy the users may or may not be. Selecting the right system is critical to the long-term success of your online learning modules.

  1. E-Learning Isn’t Just for Computers


While e-learning typically brings desktops and laptops to mind, plenty of learners prefer to access courses via tablets or mobile phones. Most people prefer to be able to use their own devices, so make sure your LMS is accessible and responsive across all types of platforms.


  1. Planning Ahead Is Essential


It’s easy to get so overwhelmed planning a migration to the world of online learning that you forget to think even bigger. What works for your current needs may not be suitable a year down the line. If your course is successful, there’s a strong possibility that you’re going to gain new users. Make sure your LMS is scalable so you can have plenty of room to grow without drastically altering your existing system.


  1. The Cloud Is Your Friend


Cloud computing is quickly revolutionizing data storage. People love the extra security and convenience the cloud provides. Instead of storing your course data on local servers, why not use a training platform that exists solely in the cloud? This lets your instructors and students access the course from virtually anywhere at any time.


  1. Customization Is the Key to Successful Branding


Your online course directly represents your organization, and how your course looks is actually a major factor to consider. After all, no student is going to want to stare at a neon pink and green screen for hours on end. Make sure your LMS lets you tweak the look to your exact specifications.


  1. You Must Consider the Experience of Instructors and Learners


As you look for a learning management system, it’s so critical that you consider all users’ perspectives. Make sure administrators and students can use the program, and if one is lacking, keep looking. If managing content is a struggle, the course suffers. If accessing the course is difficult, you lose users.


  1. Try Before You Buy


Finally, implementing an LMS takes time. You’re going to need to do a great deal of research, and that means downloading demos and free trials. What works for one organization isn’t necessarily going to work for yours, so you need to get your hands dirty. Meet with vendors, ask specific questions, and don’t settle. The learning management system you use can make or break your online course. Choose the right one the first time.


Author Bio:

Rohit Bhargava, an SEO expert at Coalition Technologies, has been actively involved in SEO and Online Marketing industry for over 5 years from website audit, link building, social media and search engine optimization. He is passionate for his work and finds innovative ways of providing excellent results for his clients. When he is not in front of his computer, he loves to write about software, programming, seo and how to implement new technology into education. Connect with Rohit on Google+ and Facebook.

By Rohit Bhargava | 7/7/2016 | General

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