By Aparna Mishra | 11/26/2015 | SaaS Vendors

AlertSite UXM

Created by SmartBear, AlertSite UXM offers monitoring solutions for websites, mobile apps, APIs, cloud based applications, and monitoring both inside and outside the firewall.  For businesses, it is important to know the performance of their websites and avoid any downtimes that could potentially affect their business.  

Through AlertSite monitor APIs because your business runs on APIs and it becomes imperative to understand its performance. With AlertSite monitoring fix the issues before they become problems and affect your customers. For more about AlertSite UXM on DiscoverCloud click here.

AlertSite’s integration with applications such as SoapUI and SoapUI NG Pro allows you to reuse the functional tests that already exists. And then with Ready! API you can create monitors as well as view APIs in production. In short, with the same tests you can be monitoring both in pre-production as well as in-production.  

Monitoring also allows for detecting problems and solving them. Further to help detect problems, AlertSite offers integration with APM vendors like AppDynamics and also offers features such as keyword validation.  

Businesses not only create APIs but also are its consumers. And as such they also need to monitor the APIs they are consuming. AlertSite provides this feature so that businesses know which APIs are slow or unavailable or even incorrect.

AlertSite’s web monitoring feature keeps you updated on the performance of your site especially from the perspective of end users. AlertSite is one step ahead in finding out issues before the end users and thus provides companies the heads up when there are issues with their websites. AlertSite has the capability to monitor websites performance from across the globe with its presence in 80 plus locations.

Along with such wide geographical reach, it operates 24X7 and its network is independent. Thus you get a complete picture of the performance of your web applications and web sites round the clock. AlertSite monitors through real browsers and this allows to understand the performance of the web applications and web sites from the end user’s perspective which is critical for organizations.  

Knowing that a problem exist is one thing. But AlertSite provides you the information about the root cause of that problem like whether the issue lies at your end or with coding of the third party.  This is a vital piece of information because it then allows to tackle the problem.  

Since most native mobile applications are created by APIs it makes sense to monitor both the APIs you create as as well as consume to understand its performance.  And AlertSite offers this feature of monitoring your APIs and websites on mobile devices. This monitoring allows you to understand whether the website is slow to launch on your mobile device and whether it is working well across all mobile devices.

AlertSite Insite offers features such as comparison ability. Take the metrics from behind your firewall and compare it with those from outside your firewall. This allows you to understand performance like site functioning slowly or errors in the site. Receive error notifications through SMS, pager and VOIP phone call. Notifications regarding product updates are also provided through the same means as well as through the InSite Console “status” button.  

As SaaS provider companies provide CRM, ERP, e-commerce and other such solutions.  They too need to monitor their systems and AlertSite also provides this monitoring tool.

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