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Cloud-based and available as Software as a Service (SaaS) AppFolio offers complete property management solutions both for property managers as well as real-estate investors.  Solutions for those with single-family, multi-family, student housing, commercial or mixed real estate portfolios are offered by AppFolio.  

AppFolio helps property managers to take care of all their marketing and leasing, management and accounting needs. AppFolio is a user friendly software with clean interface and simple forms.  Its advantage is that users can easily learn the software and are always assured of training and excellent customer service support.  For more about AppFolio on DiscoverCloud click here.

With the help of AppFolio’s marketing and leasing features property managers can now lease out their properties faster. Get customized website for your business with AppFolio that allows you to post vacancies online and you can also collect rent online. These vacancies can also be posted directly on other online listing sites and paid services. Greater the visibility of your vacancies, the faster they are going get filled. The websites work well even on mobile devices.   

No more paper forms! Accept online rental applications with AppFolio. These are customizable and prospective renters are also able to pay deposit fee online. Data of the applicants is directly entered in AppFolio. Another feature from AppFolio is its built-in screening feature that provides reports that covers credit, eviction and criminal history of prospective residents. This feature makes it faster for property managers to attract (the) best residents.  

Get e-signatures from your clients for your lease agreements. This feature saves hassles for both parties as everything can be done electronically. From the management perspective, owner statements can also be posted on Owner Portal. Further electronic communication includes emailing letters and work orders and maintenance requests can be tracked online as well.  All this helps to speed up the process and is cost effective.  

AppFolio’s mobile apps also helps in speeding up the process.  Available for both Android and iPhone, with features adapted to suit mobile devices, this allows you to work from anywhere, anytime. Because it is web based, renters can also pay their rent online anytime with various payment methods such as eCheck, credit cards or through Electronic Cash Payments.  

Other management features offered by AppFolio includes rent comparison which allows you to compare rents for similar units within the same geographical area. This allows you to set your price to match and be competitive in the rental market.  The Ratio Utility Bill feature allows property managers to recover the cost of utilities and this feature is in-built in AppFolio.

One of the best features offered by AppFolio is its mobile inspection feature. You do not have to worry about writing those inspection reports now with this feature. With its speech to text feature available on your mobile device see your speech get converted to text. Take pictures and upload it directly with your mobile device.

AppFolio also offers accounting features including getting customized reports and bank reconciliation. Standardized reports gives you the ability to see your business’ health and you can also generate reports in variety of formats. For reconciliation, any records that do not match are automatically flagged which allows you to check on it. This accounting feature also allows you to directly transfer money to owners’ bank accounts.

Read more about AppFolio on DiscoverCloud’s blog here.

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