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Founded in 2003, Bomgar provides remote help to companies for wide variety of devices from desktops to smartphones. While Bomgar’s service is suitable to large organizations, it is carving its niche more in the small to mid-sized businesses, especially small sized businesses, many of who are still not comfortable with cloud technology.  

In this techno savvy world there are lot of devices and servers that requires support. Now these devices could be on running on any platform and your organization has offices all around the world. How to get immediate support in such scenario without having someone driving down to your location?  Bomgar provides easy solution for this through its remote support software. Read more about Bomgar on DiscoverCloud here.

Bomgar opens up a huge range of IT support that organizations need that is fast and secure. By plugging in a device behind the company’s firewall, Bomgar provides organizations necessary support keeping in mind that security is of prime importance. Bomgar’s technology is updated unlike the old fashioned point-to-point remote access or cloud based solutions.   

With the help of Bomgar, IT help desk teams can now not only access any device remotely but also can work on different systems and can work with more than one end user to resolve the issues. The support teams can be working from their office or they can be working from their mobile device enjoying their vacation.

Provide all the assistance to your customers through Bomgar Remote support either in the form of chat support or screen sharing.  These customers who are using your application or software will get real time training too with the help of Bomgar Remote support.

Bomgar Remote support can be embedded in organization’s website and mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. This ensures that it is easier for both employees as well as customers to both request and receive remote support anywhere, anytime.  

The quality of service you provide is an important factor for your business. Bomgar allows managers to monitor in real time the service offered to customers, it allows to report on performance and allows organizations to collect feedback at the end via exit surveys.  This immediate feedback allows organizations to analyze their service and make changes if necessary, to improve the quality of their service.  

Another solution offered by Bomgar is its privileged access management which provides security to allow privileged users the necessary access. While the control part is still in the hands of the manager, the privileged user carries out the work without any barriers. The manager has control over the whole session, and can also monitor and record it for audit purposes.   

Some of the features offered through privileged access management includes secure remote access which as the name suggest allows remote access with the use of Bomgar’s  patented Jump technology. With this your security is not compromised and you have access from outside the LAN and are able both view and control your network devices as well as servers and remote desktops.  

This remote access can also be provided to organization’s employees and vendors without VPN. Further, through privileged access management multiple authorized users root credentials are not revealed when they are connected and managing the cloud infrastructure. And it also allows to connect through mobile apps both for Android and iOS access platforms.

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