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A web crawler, also known as a search engine robot, spider, Internet bot, or just crawler for short, is a software application that systematically browses and scans the Internet for the purpose of indexing pages. In general, a web crawler works by reading and identifying the hyperlinks on one page, [...]

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Search engine optimization is the process of influencing a website’s visibility in a search engine’s (organic) results pages to make it appear higher in the results and more relevant to potential visitors. For the most part, the higher ranked or earlier in the results a website appears, [...]

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Search engine indexing involves the collection, organization, and storage of online data for the purpose of speeding up and pinpointing information retrieval. As opposed to the type of index that one would find in the back of a book, the index of a search engine relies largely upon keyword [...]

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Search engine marketing (SEM) is a type of Internet marketing that commonly involves website promotion via increased visibility in the results pages of a search engine. This is most commonly done by using paid advertising. SEM will often include search engine optimization (SEO) which focuses on opti [...]

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A webmaster is one who develops, coordinates, and manages a website or websites. Generally, a webmaster is well-versed in programming languages including, but not limited to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. [...]

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