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Modern marketing is increasingly becoming more scientific in its approach. With social media aided by ever increasing technological progress at the forefront, modern marketers are required to tap into various resources and gather fragmented data to devise their marketing strategies. And the end goal remains the same as before: to provide excellent customer service to close deals and increase the bottom line. This is where Oracle Eloqua comes in handy for today’s marketing professionals.  

Oracle Eloqua is Oracle’s B2B Cross-Channel marketing solution and is part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. And this integration then allows marketers to gather fragmented data, to connect with potential customers and also analyze whether the marketing campaign was a success or not.  Find more about Oracle Eloqua on DiscoverCloud here.

Oracle Eloqua offers various interactive dashboards that provides information about your marketing campaigns, what is driving your revenues, which region is not profitable and much more.  Just few clicks on this interactive data, hover around on the graphics which then displays snapshot of the information you need, all this information helps marketers make smart decisions.  

Information is power and marketers would want as much information as possible to stay on top of their game. Marketers need to generate leads and one way to generate these leads is through collecting information through website forms. It is very easy to design and build forms with the help of Oracle Eloqua with its drag and drop feature. You don’t need any specialized IT help to build your forms.  You get both standard fields as well as customizable fields. Select a field and drop it into the plain dashboard. You can add instructions in your form and it is also very easy to reorder your fields within the form.  

While you are building your form Oracle Eloqua automatically connects the form fields to database information which allows the web forms to automatically populate and helps increase in conversion rates. There are few others things that you can do with these forms such as update database, notify your sales team, you can send an auto-response to the contact or redirect the contact to the website.

Design your email marketing campaigns and landing pages with Oracle Eloqua with ease. And to make life simpler for marketers, Oracle Eloqua uses the same editor for both emails and landing pages.  Oracle Eloqua helps you prepare your emails to suit the needs of your target audience which in turn helps you close more deals.  While designing the campaigns you can either choose from wide variety of standard formats available or you can choose to design your own format. The standard formats offer simpler versions as well as more sophisticated ones with graphics.   

With Oracle Eloqua get flexible reports and analytics that allows you to break down its metrics and analyze the information. The metrics that matters most to your business helps in modifying your current marketing campaigns as well as devising future marketing strategies. Oracle Eloqua gathers information from across the whole organization such as email campaigns, website analytics, and cost and revenue information about campaigns. Marketers can access all this information on a single-screen in the form of various reports and analytics.

Further, add fields and set filters in the system. Reports can be saved in graphical forms that makes it easier for interpretation. And you can save the reports and send it across to your team and/or colleagues.  It is easier to both create and communicate with Oracle Eloqua. 

Read more about Oracle Eloqua on DiscoverCloud’s blog here.

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