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Scheduling staff for shift work whether in the hospitality industry, restaurant business or in retail industry can be challenging. On busy Friday evening you need to have adequate staff. However, a swapping request did not get processed and you are short of staff. To take care of this and many other challenges of scheduling, HotSchedules (HotSchedules) offers a reliable solution.

HotSchedules software is cloud-based, can be accessed on mobile, and it is integrated with POS. The main tasks that you can carry out with HotSchedules are scheduling your employees and it helps you in forecasting and provides workforce management tools.   

Exploring the common features, especially scheduling, the one that gave HotSchedules its mark in the market, customers have mentioned that it has cut down their scheduling time drastically. Schedules can be drawn up to 75% faster with HotSchedules. Get more information here. 

HotSchedules advanced reporting tools allows managers to keep tab on both sales and labor costs. If an employee is about to hit overtime, HotSchedules provides that alert and the manager can then schedule this employee accordingly.  With HotSchedules you can predict future sales for up to four weeks. With POS integration you know the sales data and with this report you can make necessary changes to improve your sales figures.   

Employees also get access to HotSchedules with password protection feature. They can request for time-off, or request for swapping a shift. Since they check this most frequently, this also is a helpful tool to communicate with your employees regarding any company news and updates.

Some of the other features that you get with HotSchedules are: automatic updates to schedules, mobile access to contact information, group messaging, and syncs with google calendar. Further, the features also includes the ability to enforce clock-in/out times and you can eliminate duplicate schedules.  

Starting with a new system can be daunting and challenging. However HotSchedules makes sure that implementing HotSchedules at your workplace is a smooth process. An implementation specialist is at hand to walk you through the process. Plus you get round the clock app support, webinars, and eLearning Manager training for your support.  Apart from the support during the implementation, HotSchedules provides you with bilingual customer care on phone and automated help 24/7.

Over a period of time, HotSchedules has moved into providing more than just scheduling features. HotSchedules Recruit app allows you to recruit through referrals. For candidates as well, they can apply to jobs through the app, send their video resume, send their certificates and get that interview call much faster.  

HotSchedules also offer training programs online and you can train your employees even before they join. There are about 20 free training courses that employees can access including hotel industry compliance training certifications such as serving alcohol certification and food handlers certification.You can conduct exams online and you can also create your own course based on the requirements of your business.  

Meanwhile, HotSchedules loT Platform allows you to create mobile apps by connecting to any POS system and integrating with other online services. HotSchedules Inventory and HotSchedules Reveal, the first two apps developed on the system are part of it now.  

HotSchedules Count, a mobile inventory launched for small restaurants helps them to manage and improve their inventory, streamline ordering (order only when it is below ideal quantities), helps in controlling food costs and helps in eliminating spreadsheets and paperwork.  

On the other hand, HotSchedules Reveal app combines data from various sources such as POS and offers key performance indicators (KPIs) on things such as sales, inventory, social media, labor, weather and more on mobile devices. This helps managers to have an understanding of their performance in real time, make any changes as required and have all the data on hand to make informed business decisions.  

HotSchedules is a ‘pay-as-you-go’ monthly subscription service that provides various options based on your business need. Prices vary based on the size of the business. For example, a single restaurant will pay less compared to an enterprise level restaurant chain.  

By and large customers are happy with HotSchedules though some would prefer an easier navigation to the site and for report generation. There are some who also would prefer that the initial setting is less tedious though they do mention that once it is up and running, it becomes easier to work with. Some also  add that it is best to learn everything that HotSchedules has to offer or else there are chances that you’ll miss out on some of the great features.  

More about Hotschedules on DiscoverCloud’s Blog

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