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Small businesses do not have the luxury of having large manpower at their disposal. However, they still would like their business to grow and succeed. And this is where Infusionsoft (Infusionsoft), a sales and marketing software as a service (SAAS) provider plays its part in helping small businesses.  

It takes care of repetitive tasks and helps in converting leads and gets repeat customers, all automated. Thus it helps small businesses save time and money and help them to focus on growing their business.  Primarily, it is about email marketing but it does more than that. 

Through Infusionsoft’s CRM automation turn your contacts into customers. Collect data of your leads and organize it for your sales and marketing team.  With Infusionsoft collect contact information, orders and account balance, track website visit activity and lead source and lead score. Click here for more information.  

Leads score is one of the valuable tools offered by Infusionsoft.  Leads score is calculated based on leads’ behavior, demographics and interactions. Based on this score you know which leads are surely going to buy and turn into customers vis à vis those who still in deciding stage. This allows you to pursue the hot leads rather than losing time pursuing those who are still undecided. 

On the other hand, track your lead sources at a set time such as quarterly, half-yearly, yearly to check and count the new leads, new customers and new revenue generated through specific lead sources. Based on this information, for example, your website is generating more leads and generating revenue, you can decide on your future strategies.  

Infusionsoft mobile is your mobile business tool. It helps you manage your contacts and communicate with them on the go and also trigger automated follow ups by adding tags. 

Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder allows you to create your follow-up marketing geared towards customers based on their action, profile or contact. If you don’t want to create one, then you can use the template provided by Infusionsoft. Moreover, you get to see real time campaign results and modify your campaign based on the results you are getting.    

Capture and collect data such as customer email information through landing pages and web forms. These forms can be changed without the involvement of developers. And these forms allows you to capture information based on which you can send targeted, personalized emails to your customers.  

Further, track the activities on the website and landing pages through Infusionsoft tracking tools which gives an overall picture of your sales and marketing activities. Track the leads generated from your latest campaign, track visitor activity like first visit to the site through to the final purchase, assign the lead source to the visitors to your site, and identify browsing trend of each individual. All this data helps in creating your next campaign as well as sending personalized emails. 

Infusionsoft not only sends out those targeted and personalized emails but also analyzes and generates reports on these emails. Information such as opened, clicked and skipped is generated through this reporting system. These reports are your valuable tools in analyzing and devising your future sales and marketing strategies. 

Infusionsoft offers coaches who will guide you through the types of campaigns you should build, how to tailor your follow-ups and under what circumstances you should use them for your business. Carry out all type of selling, cross-selling, up-selling, down-selling, all through Infusionsoft.   

There is a popular saying, ‘strike the iron when it is hot’. It applies in closing your sales deals. Through Infusionsoft’s automated sales process which directs the hot leads to its sales team at the right time, allows for closing more deals, faster.  Also through Infusionsoft create quotes which, if the customer accepts then can be quickly converted to orders.  

The triggers generated by Infusionsoft’s sales automation allows the sales team to focus on customers and tailor the response based on their needs. The automated process allows them to focus on customers, generating revenue and thus making the business grow.  

You can also sell online through Infusionsoft’s features. It manages payment, inventory and also provides you with customer purchase information. Further, integrate systems, i.e. various apps through Infusionsoft. Most businesses would require this integration and it is all available in Infusionsoft Marketplace.   

With all the features that it provides, Infusionsoft may not be ideal for start ups since they may not yet be clear of how their marketing campaign would pan out. And with its price tag you would want to make sure that you are making best use of the features that are provided by Infusionsoft. 

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