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One of the ways of gaining competitive advantage for organizations in this increasingly competitive world is through its human resources.  it is also increasingly challenging to acquire this resource. However, Jobvite offers full range of tools from sourcing to onboarding to organizations to acquire highly talented workforce as well as keep the recruitment time and cost to minimal.  

Jobvite Hire helps you in bringing the best talent on board through its various features.  With its applicant tracking feature you get all the relevant applicant data that you need.  This data can also be further shared with those in charge of hiring both through email and manager-self serving feature. Through Jobvite Hire’s automated features you can search applicants’ database, it does resume parsing and also allows for acquisition and approval via email.  

Jobvite Hire’s integrated features allows hiring managers as well as employees in the organization to share jobs on social networking sites. Organizations have to brand and market themselves as a best place to work for to attract best talent available in the market. Jobvite Hire helps you build a career site that is engaging, tells the story of you as a brand and helps attract best talent.  For more about Jobvite on DiscoverCloud click here.

Get all the recruitment intelligence that you need to make the recruitment process faster and smoother.  Features such as customized dashboard, feeding job openings on free recruitment sites such as Indeed and SimplyHired and conduct video interviews are available for your hiring process. Video interviews helps to speed up the hiring process and ensures that you don’t lose out on potential candidate.  

Other features such as schedule interviews based on best time availability of your interviewers (available through Jobvite’s integration with Outlook and Google Calendar), and generate recruitment reports such as the success of social recruiting, employee referral program too are available to hiring professionals. These reports are available in two formats: pre-built templates and create your own templates based on your needs.  

While organizations would want specialized talent, the same talent too maybe looking for challenging opportunities. Though the timing may not match for either party, organizations would want to keep the data of such candidates handy. With the help of Jobvite Engage, build up that database of specialized skills by searching through social networking sites and resume databases.

Jobvite Engage offers customized Facebook applications which allows organizations to capture potential applicants from the company’s database and import this information to the organization’s centralized system.  Organizations can also launch targeted recruitment campaigns with Jobvite Engage. Jobvite Engage’s real-time metrics allows organizations to see the results of their sourcing efforts to modify or continue with their sourcing strategies.  

Referrals play an important role in recruitment.  Jobvite Refer offers organizations a tool to attract talent, especially that passive talent to come on board. Social networking sites are an important tool in this referral program and Jobvite Refer with the help of its custom applications helps in identifying potential candidates from amongst the employees facebook friends.  It also allows employees to extend an invitation to these friends to apply for job openings.  

Jobvite Refer allows you to share job information which is also trackable on social platforms including social networking sites, blogging platforms and online communities. With the help of Jobvite Refer’s Facebook application and Work With Us you can target listings that match candidates’ profile or fan pages. Jobvite Refer also allows you to track the progress of your employee referral program and recognize the employees for their contribution to the  referral program.                                                                   

Read more about Jobvite on DiscoverCloud’s blog here.

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