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Applicant Tracking Software
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Helps with: HR Administration,Recruiting
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What is it all about?

Built to serve the needs of today’s recruiters, Jobvite Hire helps you manage your entire hiring process more intuitively and efficiently. We go far beyond traditional Applicant Tracking Systems, providing the social and innovative features recruiters demand.

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Key Features

Video Interviewing Our on-demand video interviewing tool helps you find the right candidates faster, while adding long-term value to your candidate database. Home Page Dashboard Stay on top of tasks with a customized single page view of your entire recruiting process, take action right from the dashboard, and accelerate hiring. Smart Scheduler Intelligently zero in on the best time for all your interviewers using our unique algorithm and direct integration with Outlook and Google Calendar. Reporting Using pre-built templates or your own custom structure, create reports that pinpoint your compliance status, social recruiting success, employee referral progress, and more.


Applicant Tracking System Jobvite Hire offers automated and configurable hiring workflows—along with a searchable candidate database, resume parsing, and tools for email-based requisition and approvals. Email and Productivity Automated mobile and email broadcasts save you valuable time, while two-way calendar integration for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail makes scheduling simple. Social Recruiting and Employee Referrals With social connectivity that’s native to the platform, Jobvite Hire lets you and your employees automatically share jobs to all your social networks. Career Sites Build high-impact, configurable career sites that promote your employment brand, featuring custom application and screening forms, LinkedIn integration, and more. Recruiting Intelligence Custom dashboards, real-time candidate source metrics, career site and microsite data reports, job-sharing information across social networks and recruiting data integration. Recruitment Marketing Jobvite Hire automatically feeds current openings to free job search engines Indeed and SimplyHired and automatically distributes them on Jobvite Twitter channels.



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Jobvite is the leading social recruiting and applicant tracking system for companies with the highest expectations in recruiting software.

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New posJobvite Review – Recruiting for Today’s Worldt

New posJobvite Review – Recruiting for Today’s Worldt

By Bill Mann | 4/25/2016 | Product Analysis

Jobvite is a web-based recruiting platform designed for the modern world of tech-savvy, mobile employees and their social networks. Comprised of several separate products that work together, Jobvite provides all the capabilities today’s recruiters need to be productive. These include:

  • Employee Referrals that tap into the social networks and leverage your employee contacts to find top-notch candidates.
  • Recruitment CRM to find and engage potential future employees even before a position comes open.
  • Applicant Tracking and hiring tools for every step of the process.
  • Video Interviews for fast early screening of candidates.
  • Employer Branding to provide a consistent, engaging story to your candidates regardless of the platform they use to interact with your company.

We’ll look at the Jobvite platform and the products it supports next.

The Platform and Products

The Jobvite platform is a web-based system that hosts the individual services and enables them to work together. Because it uses the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, it doesn’t require you to install Jobvite software on your own computers. You are saved the hassles of hosting and supporting this recruiting software, leaving your team free to concentrate on finding and hiring the right people.

The services you will find on the Jobvite platform are:

  • Jobvite Refer – A tool for sharing job openings through social networks.
  • Jobvite Engage – Scan social networks and résumé databases for potential hires.
  • Jobvite Hire – Manage the entire hiring process in today’s complex market.
  • Jobvite Video – An on-demand video interviewing tool.
  • Jobvite Brand – Share your company’s story with your candidates.
  • Jobvite Mobile Career Sites – Let people apply anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device.

Now for a more in-depth look at each of the products, starting with Jobvite Refer.

Jobvite Refer

Some of the best referrals for new employees come from your current employees. And your current employees each have their own contacts they interact with through social networks. With Jobvite Refer, you enable them to share your organization’s job openings with their social contacts.

Jobvite Job Invitation

But Refer is more than just a way for your employees to forward job listings. They can also set up automated broadcasts to their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter contacts whenever a new job opening appears. At the same time Jobvite Refer tracks their progress and turns it into reports you can use to identify the employees who contribute most to this effort. Custom Facebook applications allow you to identify potential candidates from among your employees friends list.

While Jobvite Refer of course integrates smoothly into the rest of the services on the Jobvite platform, it can also be integrated into any modern ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Jobvite Engage

Typically, companies only look for potential candidates when they have a position to fill. But with Jobvite Engage, you can find and engage candidates with promising skills in social networks and résumé databases even before you have an open position. This sets you up to fill opens faster and more efficiently since you already have a pool of potential employees to contact.

Engage’s CRM (in this case, Candidate Relationship Management) system lets you gather prospect information from all your sources into a single database. You can keep activity logs to show the history of your relationship with each prospect, then search for the ideal candidate in this system the moment a position needs to be filled.

Finding potential candidates is only part of the work for Jobvite Engage. The other part is keeping these people engaged until you need them. For this, Engage can publish Recruitment Campaigns and track the effectiveness of them. The campaigns you launch can be take the form of emails, or web pages, even social media message broadcasts to your potential candidate pool.

If this approach to finding candidates is new to you, you might want to download the free Jobvite ebook, “How to Build a Rich Talent Pool.” You can find it here.

Jobvite Hire

This is your control center for hiring staff. Jobvite Hire’s Applicant Tracking System provides configurable, automated hiring workflows. These ensure that the proper hiring steps are followed while making the entire process more efficient. It also gives you the ability to search the database of candidates, parse resumes for relevant keywords, and process hiring requisitions and approvals by email. Two way calendar integration with both Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail prevents scheduling mishaps.

Hire also leverages the most powerful social networks to help with your recruiting. You and your staff can distribute job postings manually or automatically on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. When your employees help you find candidates in this way, everyone wins.

With all that Jobvite Hire can do for you, it could be tough to keep track of everything. Hire provides you with a Home Page Dashboard where you can see all the key aspects of your recruiting process in one place.

Jobvite Dashboard

Some powerful features of the Dashboard include:

  • Role-based widgets. These widgets allow you to view the recruiting process from the perspective of the Recruiters, Hiring Managers, or Employees.
  • Action-oriented displays. You can navigate from widgets down to the specific actions that need to be taken for Hiring Reqs, Req Approvals, and other tasks.
  • Mobile-friendly implementation. You can work with the Dashboard from your mobile devices as well as from your desktop. There’s no need for the recruiting process to stall just because you are away from your desk.

Jobvite Hire also gives you a set of pre-built templates for reporting on your hiring processes and outcomes, such as social recruiting success, the progress of employee referrals, and much more. If the templates don’t fit your needs, you can create your own custom ones.

Jobvite Video

How much time do you spend doing the early screening of potential candidates? Jobvite suggests that it realistically takes about 45 minutes to set up and conduct a phone screen of a single candidate. Jobvite Video offers a better, more efficient way to do this preliminary screening. Automated video screening interviews can save you vast amounts of time and effort.

Jobvite Video Interview

Video is integrated with Jobvite Hire, so it is simple to send out video interview requests to the most promising candidates. The candidate records their video, in a time and place of their own choosing. They simply have to respond to the questions that you selected within Video.

The interview session is recorded and available to the entire hiring team through Jobvite Hire. You’ll be able to screen out weak candidates with the help of your team in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take you to conduct a basic phone interview.

Jobvite Brand

Presenting your brand to potential employees in the most effective way possible can help with your recruitment and retention efforts. Jobvite Brand helps you deliver a compelling story and provides consistency of branding across desktops, mobile devices, and social networks.

Brand builds on Jobvite’s advanced career site framework. With the help of Jobvite’s web development professionals, you will develop a career site that delivers not just lists of open positions, but an authentic branded experience. It will combine career and corporate pages in a seamless manner that will function properly on every platform.

Your sites can contain multimedia content in addition to simple words and images, making it more appealing to today’s job seekers. Custom calls-to-action let you target top talent and increase the chances that they will apply.

Today’s talent is highly mobile. As part of the Jobvite Brand process, you can deploy a branded mobile career site that matches the look and feel of your desktop site.

The sites built with Jobvite Brand offer simple navigation and interaction. Filters allow candidates to quickly search for positions they might be interested in. Your candidates will be able to upload traditional resumes as well as social profiles to display their qualifications. And you can eliminate traditional login processes that drive away candidates before they even finish filling out some annoying registration form.

Jobvite Mobile Career Sites

In today’s world, job seekers expect to be able to search for jobs from their mobile devices. Further, they expect a smooth process that is designed for the mobile experience. A simple port of a desktop website isn’t enough. To get the best recruiting results, you need to have an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile career site.

Jobvite Mobile Career Sites can build that site for you. They can build you a full-featured, fully-functional mobile site that will work perfectly on your future employee’s mobile device.

Jobvite Mobile Career Sites

Jobvite will build you a mobile site that carries your desktop branding onto mobile devices while still providing the kind of usability that mobile device users demand. At the same time, your mobile career site will integrate with the rest of your CMS, giving you all the benefits of extending your recruiting to the mobile device world without requiring any additional work.


Finding and hiring new talent is a never-ending job for every business. And the competition for top talent grows ever tougher. At the same time, the old ways of finding and recruiting talent are becoming less effective. New technologies and the new ways people interact with each other point to a need for a new way to recruit talent.

Jobvite provides a platform and services that make finding and recruiting talent more efficient in the modern world of ubiquitous mobile devices and gigantic social networks. Itself a web-based service, Jobvite goes beyond traditional Applicant Tracking and Candidate Relationship Management systems to take advantage of the changes in the field.

You have two good options for going further in your evaluation of Jobvite. The first is to schedule a live demo. A Jobvite team member will walk you through the product, answering your questions and showing you how the platform can work for your recruiting needs.

Click this link to request a live demo.

After the demo there is no final step. That’s to start a free trial. You’ll have access to all the features of Jobvite Hire, as well as social recruiting and the use of Facebook apps. The built-in reporting system will let you see what works for you. You’ll also have unlimited video training and support through Jobvite Community.

Click this link to start your free trial.

Read more about Jobvite on DiscoverCloud or our knowledge base.

By Bill Mann | 4/25/2016 | Product Analysis

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