By Aparna Mishra | 11/19/2015 | SaaS Vendors


A SaaS solution by Marketo is one of the best available automated marketing solutions in the market. Catering to a wide range of businesses be it a small business or a global business, Marketo offers solutions that can be tailored to the needs of any type or size of business. 

Marketo offers solutions to wide range of marketers be it the digital marketer, social marketer, content marketer or marketing manager. Traditional marketing has changed with the advent of internet and in the age of social media. This is where Marketo steps in and provides digital marketing software solution in real time to engage with the customers.  

Engaging customers is what Marketo provides through its engagement marketing platform. This platform engages with customers on one-to-one level. It provides personalized solutions to customers based on what they are looking for. It also takes care of where customers are in the buying process and automates messages accordingly, be it through personalized emails, web, or mobile channels. Find more about Marketo on DiscoverCloud here.

Marketers looking to launch their campaigns can do so through with Marketo’s marketing automation. It provides the necessary tools such as lead scores (offering points such as when a person clicks on a link on the email and accumulates points), lead nurturing, and advanced workflow automation. This helps in designing a targeted campaign rather than a general blast to help drive and deliver the message.  

It is becomes important to understand the results of marketing campaigns to evaluate its effectiveness. Marketo with its marketing analytics tool provides these reports that are easy to generate and understand. Subscription to these reports is available on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Marketo offers the solution that ensures you get the best marketing metrics without getting lost in data. 

Another feature that Marketo offers is a seamless integration with an organization’s CRM system. For example, a customer is viewing products on a website and moves to its pricing page and immediately receives a call from the sales person. This is achieved through Marketo’s integration.  Marketo is the leader in CRM integration and provides integration with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics Online, SugarCRM and many more.  

Marketo offers a complete marketing ecosystem solution to organizations through its LaunchPoint partners. LaunchPoint helps organizations to look for marketing solutions through its wide variety of applications. These applications both complement as well as integrate with Marketo’s customer engagement platform and allows organizations to focus on their customers. You could be looking for leads or you could be looking for help to launch your marketing campaign. All this can be found in Marketo’s LaunchPoint.  

Social media is a powerful medium during the present times and Marketo offers social marketing tools specifically for this medium.  With features such as social marketing applications which allows organizations to conduct polls, social analytics which allows for understanding social activities like the ones that leads to conversions and helps in generating revenue, and it also offers integrated social marketing which helps in extending the reach of your marketing campaigns and helps in enhancing your leads database.  

Marketo offers excellent customer service and helps organizations through the whole cycle be it at the implementation stage or the execution stage. Marketo’s experienced customer support team ensures that your marketing campaigns are designed and executed to gain maximum results. Marketo’s support is readily available to its customers either through web or call.

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