By Aparna Mishra | 2/4/2016 | Customer Relationship Management

Service Management Software

Service management or information technology service management is a software that allows organizations to optimize their business technology. It allows organizations to manage and streamline how they provide services such as maintenance of hardware and software, diagnostic and troubleshooting and other such operations.

Providing service in efficient way works in favor of both the organization and the customer. And proper planning ensures tasks are accomplished in an efficient manner.  For example, when a service technician lands at a customer’s place with all the necessary tools to fix the issue it gets resolved in the first visit itself. This is possible with the integration of service management software with supply chain management software.  

Service software is available as SaaS (software as a service) or you could host it on site. Irrespective of which delivery method you choose, you have the option to easily migrate from one to the other keeping up with your changing business needs.  You also get flexible pricing models for either option. And with both the options, you get the periodic upgrades that does not tamper with your customization process.

Most service software packages offer you all-in-one integrated solution and this means you get your upgrades done automatically if you opt for SaaS or all upgrades are done with one path if you are hosting the software on your premises. Integrating all your service delivery and service support processes within a single system improves agility and efficiency.  

This integration allows for easy deployment of your service processes from simple incident management to life cycle management of more complex process like ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) V3.  Further, the integrated solution also allows you to deal with change management because the function is already present. This means if you want to activate additional processes you are able to do so.   

Incident lifecycle can be managed within this single solution. However, service software goes beyond just incident management.  The software allows you to cater to IT issues taking into account both environmental and organizational contexts.  This allows your IT service team to comprehend all IT components and attributes and how this has an effect on service level agreements. And they are also able to understand how this in turn has an effect on overall business outcomes.  

Service software allows you to automate not only your repetitive tasks but also your complex tasks. This automation ensures that there is less dependency on labor and also allows for optimizing cost of your processes. Your ITIL processes including incident tracking, change, problem management and much more  can be managed with the help of service software. Your IT team would also be able to modify and report on the ITIL processes ensuring the service desk is operating without any hassles.

While most service software packages offer you standard integrations with third party products, there are some packages that also offers you integration with unknown software solutions or software that not necessarily are standard products.  Here, the service software allows you to change your integration to suit your requirements or if needed, you can have something completely new. And when you opt for the latter, there is no need of investing in networking expertise.

It is important that your customers are served promptly based on the urgency of the matter. Service software offers you the service level agreement feature which ensures that your service technicians are able to see the incidents and requests that involves customers and configuration items. They are also be able to track and see that these incidents and requests are prioritized on the urgency of the matter and serviced accordingly.

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