Customer Relationship Management

Service Management Software

Service management or information technology service management is a software that allows organizations to optimize their business technology. It allows organizations to manage and streamline how they provide services such as maintenance of hardware and software, diagnostic and troubleshooting and o [...]

By Aparna Mishra | 2/4/2016 Read More >

Case Management Software

Case management software (CMS) allows to coordinate services on behalf of a client. While the setup of the services differ, they all have a common goal: to serve the clients. And this could be in legal system, health care, social work, homeless people or disability insurance.   [...]

By Aparna Mishra | 10/26/2015 Read More >

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation is a software for marketing departments and/or marketing companies that helps automate repetitive marketing tasks.  However, this software does much more than just sending out automated emails.   [...]

By Aparna Mishra | 10/24/2015 Read More >

Open Source CRM

Businesses needs to develop and maintain relationships with their customers and this is where CRM or customer relationship management system steps in.  Open Source CRM refers to a system that utilizes open source programs. Here the source code is open to the public for use and for modification, [...]

By Aparna Mishra | 10/15/2015 Read More >

Call Center Software

To run a call center or contact center, organizations use call center software. [...]

By Aparna Mishra | 10/13/2015 Read More >


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to the practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage, record and evaluate customer interactions in order to drive sales growth by deepending and enriching relationships with their customer bases. [...]

By Danny Roberts | 1/20/2015 Read More >

Cloud-based CRM

Also known as an on-demand CRM. Data is stored on an external, remote network that employees can access at anytime, provided they have an Internet connection. Having a cloud-based CRM allows companies with limited technological expertise and resources to easily access and organize customers’ i [...]

By Danny Roberts | 1/20/2015 Read More >

Security Administration

The security administration within any CRM allows you (the owner) to control the permissions that are granted to each user of the application. Values for users include administrators, user, and lead. [...]

By Danny Roberts | 1/20/2015 Read More >

Marketing Automation

The term marketing automation refers to software applications and technologies that are intended to assist marketing departments and organizations in more efficiently and successfully marketing in multiple mediums, such as email and social media, by automating repetitive business processes. [...]

By Danny Roberts | 1/15/2015 Read More >

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