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SigmaCare, founded in 2005, provides electronic health record (EHR) solutions to long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) institutions and assisted living communities. With its electronic interface, SigmaCare (SigmaCare) connects these service providers to other facilities like hospitals, pharmacies, physicians, consultants, laboratory, families and regional health information organizations (RHIOs).

All the information you need as a service provider is available on the dashboard for easy access to the care team. For example, you can access all the hospital/physician records of a patient moving from the hospital to your long-term care facility. You can also get all lab reports directly through the integrated SigmaCare EHR.  It also shows alerts for panic abnormal or abnormal reports so  that you can take action accordingly.  

Another function that helps in the smooth functioning of your facility is SigmaCare EHR’s billing integration feature. Continue using your existing billing system with SigmaCare EHR interface without having to change vendors for billing and you can also send and receive MDS (minimum data set) as well as admissions and discharge information through it.   

Coordinating with pharmacies through SigmaCare EHR saves you time on those month-end reconciliations on medication administration. Through its bi-directional interface, send orders including eRefills and receive notifications when medication is dispensed.  All records are maintained electronically so you don’t have to reconcile it manually at month-end.  

Further you can exchange discharge and transfer information, medications and information such as resident clinical data for those participating customers with RHIOs and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) through SigmaCare EHR.  Get more information here.

Apart from EHR software, SigmaCare also offers other software solutions such as Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), Medication Management and Financials. Along with Complete EHR you can combine these software solutions or buy it separately according to the needs of your organization.  

CPOE helps in reducing prescription errors and medications costs and improves operational efficiency. Physicians can receive orders, check resident information and sign-off on orders, saving time on approvals as well as dispensing.   With medication management, you can eliminate transcription errors, improve communication between shifts, reduce nursing overtime and improve your compliance.  Complete EHR includes clinical decision support, analytics and financials making the process simple for patient care and helps in cost cutting for organizations.  

SigmaCare’s secure cloud-based EHR means you can access it anytime, anywhere through an internet browser or on mobile device. This offsite server is supported by HIPAA-compliant Data Housing Facility.  

Easy to use with the clinical dashboard with real-time notifications and alerts, analytics dashboard with financial information, reporting, both summaries and details, and message functionality to individuals or groups, all this is available through SigmaCare EHR.  

The technology that SigmaCare provides is backed with excellent customer service and support so that you are using it to its maximum potential and getting the most out of it. SigmaCare team adopts the solutions to fit to the needs of your organization. This is done through finding out your needs, both short term and long term and then adapting solutions to suit those needs.

You get excellent support throughout the implementation process. SigmaCare uses adult learning principles in their training to help you to transition through the SigmaCare software. SigmaCare constantly engages with your organization.  It communicates with you regarding its quarterly releases and any other updates to help you adapt to the new functionality.  

Through SigmaCare you can increase your revenue, lower your costs, have enhanced staff satisfaction and offer enhanced care and safety to your residents.

Read more about SigmaCare on DiscoverCloud’s Blog

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