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Small business owners or those who have household employees have millions of things to attend to including paying their employees. And this includes taking care of all government compliances.  It is time consuming and keeps them away from looking after their business and clients.  

Enter SurePayroll (SurePayroll). In three simple steps: calculate your wages, preview the data and hit submit. Your payroll is done.  It handles all your taxation requirements without any additional inputs from your end. Manage your 401 (k) plans, health insurance, workers’ compensation and much more with the help of SurePayroll.  The best part – if there are any errors that results in fines, SurePayroll takes care of it.

It is a software package for small businesses as well as those who have household employees. Further, it is also used by accountants managing small businesses through accountant dashboard.   SurePayroll is an online portal for both employers and employees, where the latter too get to see their pay stubs including deductions and benefits. Click here for more information.  

SurePayroll charges flat fee that is competitive in the market. Plus the charges of adding more employees is quite nominal and the charges for year end tax report is highly cost effective to what its competitors offer.  

While businesses looking for simple solutions may find the cost a bit on the higher end, SurePayroll does offer some advanced features like accrued vacation time and generating different reports. These may be ideal for those businesses looking for more features or comes in handy when the business is fast growing.

SurePayroll also provides accounting integration that reduces errors and saves time by importing your payroll entry to general ledger. SurePayroll allows this integration with accounting software solutions such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage 50, AccountEdge, Less Accounting and Intacct.  

You can have as many payroll runs as you want in a month. Plus SurePayroll provides you with the option of either writing checks or direct deposit facility. SurePayroll is also available as an app and works on Android and Apple devices. All you need to do is enter basic information such as number of hours worked, total amount earned, deductions, vacation time and it generates the payroll for you.  

Taxes are complicated to handle especially because new regulations are introduced every now and then. SurePayroll takes care of all the compliances for you such as: federal, state and local taxes, medicare, benefits, social security, all the withholding for benefits, in some states disability benefits, and plus unemployment benefits.

SurePayroll also offer HR solutions such as how-to-guides in the area of recruitment, performance management and other critical HR administrative tasks. It provides alerts regarding taxations as well as all information regarding all the business and HR forms such as I-9s, interview checklists and many more. SurePayroll ensures that its clients are always using the latest tax rates and are aware about tax limits and compliance laws when running their payroll.

It also provides excellent customer service and all customers are treated equally, be it household employers or small businesses. They value each and every customer.  Anything that is complicated or things that you don’t understand, SurePayroll’s excellent customer service department takes care of it.    

Online is convenient however security is of prime importance and SurePayroll ensures that your security is not compromised by using their software online to run your payroll.  The last thing you want is to have to deal with security hassle. Moreover, SurePayroll invests in latest technology so that its benefits are pass on their customers.  SurePayroll opted for more storage solution when it started experiencing growth in the business and this allowed for faster processing time and serving more clients.  

Security and accuracy are the two things that you are assured of when you are using SurePayroll. Being online also has an advantage that you can see the payroll history, in case you need to refer back.  Additionally, SurePayroll deals with government agencies so that clients are assured that they are getting all the right information.  

What SurePayroll does not offer is segregation, i.e. unlike other packages, which allows you to choose certain services and pay less, with SurePayroll it comes as a whole package. Further, they don’t offer a specific package like a package exclusively for nannies.  

However what SurePayroll offers is convenience – take care of your Payroll, anytime, from anywhere, at your convenience.

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