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A leader in cloud based time tracking Replicon helps companies across the globe to increase productivity, plug revenue leakage and keep up with labor laws. All attendance and time management aspects are taken care of by Replicon.  

Track your employees time and attendance or bill your clients for projects, Replicon provides all the necessary solutions. Replicon’s mobile platform allows time tracking to be accessed on any mobile devices be it smartphones or tablets. This allows the flexibility to access the software from anywhere, anytime.  For more about Replicon on DiscoverCloud click here.

For client billing, Replicon provides two options: Standard (Replicon TimeBill) and Enterprise (Replicon PSM). With Standard companies can track billable time as well project costs effectively, efficiently and most importantly, accurately. Replicon’s time-sheets are easy to use and provides various options to track time by: tasks, projects and clients. It allows projects to be created quickly and also generate analytical reports that can be used for further action. 

The Enterprise billing solution on the other hand makes its simpler for organizations by its automated project billing feature.  Manage your resources especially human resources with ease to help you in forecasting future demands. Some of the features of Enterprise billing includes an ability to view all projects for any given client in a single, holistic view, real-time tracking of project costs as well as revenue and its seamless integration with SalesForce also allows for pre-assigning project managers in Replicon.  

Organizations would want to stay on top with their project costing be it setting the cost of the project or keeping track of the project budget. Replicon again provides two options for this: Standard (Replicon TimeCost) and Enterprise (Replicon PPM). Replicon’s standard project cost, TimeCost can be integrated with any project management or financial solution. This allows an easy, anytime access to both project time and cost.  It also allows to easily capture project hours and provide an insight into project costs.  

Replicon PPM allows access to real-time project information. This allows to manage projects as well as its costs effectively and efficiently. Through this, you can create multi-level hierarchies projects and also set project milestones. You also have the ability to project budget for time as well as cost and assign approved by project expenses.   

Replicon also provides time and attendance tracking with a lot of features to make it easier and simpler for organizations to manage their employees time and attendance. This feature is integrated in the cloud with organization’s existing HR and payroll systems. This makes it easier for organizations to process payroll faster as well as accurately.  

Organizations may have different types of employees – part time, full time, casual and Replicon’s configurable timesheets allows organizations to track time for all employees’ types. Other features of Replicon’s time and attendance tracking are: stay on top of overtime compliance, its automated time off management feature allows self service both for time off and for accrual rules and calculations, provides insightful real-time reports that organizations can customized through filters and groupings to get the information that they require.  

Replicon’s CloudClock is a flexible, highly customizable, and hassle free employee time track software.  The CloudClock app is easy to install in tablets to make it a device that can capture time accurately and also works seamlessly with Replicon’s TimeAttend product.  

Read more about Replicon on DiscoverCloud blog here.

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