By Aparna Mishra | 11/30/2015 | SaaS Vendors

Zoho CRM

Close more deals in less time is Zoho CRM’s motto and by using it, businesses are able to do just that. CRM or customer relationship management is something most businesses have to look after to be sustainable as well as grow.  

A business is generating a lot of leads but is unable to follow-up on all the leads. This means it is losing out on potential customers as well as revenue. And then there are times when the sales team maybe spending time finding leads’ contact information. This takes away valuable time away from following-up with customers.  In short, companies are wasting time and losing on revenue.  

Zoho CRM helps streamline the CRM process for companies. It offers features that allows companies to focus on their customers, build relationships and thus generate revenue as well as grow the business. Zoho CRM provides you automated solutions so that you can focus on your business and customers. Click here to find more about ZohoCRM on DiscoverCloud.  

With the use of Zoho companies find contacts listed in one place. The database is organized in a manner that it becomes easier for sales team to find the contact details. Not only this, it also provides reminder about following-up with leads.

Since most businesses are online they need to capture information from visitors to their site, need feedback from these website visitors and also need to invite customers to special events.  Zoho CRM helps capture this data through its drag and drop web form builder which is a simplified process. There is no need to write additional codes for building this website form. And since the data is directly captured in the company’s CRM it speeds up the process too.  

The forms can be up on your website, live in an instant. All you have to do is select the readymade code format that you want to publish for your website. And these forms can also be put up on Zoho Sites, Google Sites, Joomla, WordPress and Facebook.

Zoho CRM also helps in lead distribution. The chance of duplication (multiple people contacting the same lead) or missing out (nobody from the sales team contacting a lead thinking somebody else would have contacted) can be eliminated because Zoho CRM enables you to set up a clutter-free CRM.  You set the rules, assign ownership to individuals or teams and distribute the leads accordingly.

Because the data is captured directly into the company’s CRM and the leads too are automatically assigned, it is faster and allows the sales team to contact the leads and start the follow-up process. This automated process ensures that companies are not missing out on potential customers.

Appropriate follow-up with information like quotes, details about the products, pricing details, payment methods is needed when on the verge of closing a deal. Through its sales tracking feature Zoho CRM allows companies to not only follow-up with leads but also helps to handle those leads which are about to close a deal with providing the necessary information.

Another feature offered by Zoho CRM is engaging with customers on social media platforms.  Social media is one of driving forces now in the sales process and Zoho CRM recognizes this.  Zoho CRM can be accessed on all mobile devices on Android, iPhone or iPad. And it also works smoothly with Google Apps.

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