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Zoho Reports

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Cloud BI and Analytics platform
Suited for: Smbs, Enterprises, Startups, Agencies
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What is it all about?

Upload or synchronize data from spreadsheets, web or traditional applications. Build powerful reports and dashboards in minutes with the easy drag-and-drop interface. Share reports and dashboards with key performance indicators.

Zoho Reports can be used across various functional areas and by a wide range of users for their reporting and analytics needs.


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Who is it for?


Key Features

1. Upload any data Upload spreadsheets and other tabular data securely. Supports CSV, TSV, XLS, XLSX and HTML files. Data can be added directly too using the 'spreadsheet-like' interface. 2. Push data from any application Push data from the cloud or in-house business applications and databases for reporting and analysis. 3. Wide variety of reporting components You can use our wide range of charts, pivot tables and tabular view components to build insightful reports and dashboards. 4. Visual analysis Visually analyze and build insightful reports and dashboards yourself, with our easy drag-and-drop interface. 5. Collaborative analysis Develop reports together with your colleagues. Share the reports with others for better decision making. 6. Embed reports anywhere Embed your reports and dashboards in websites, blogs and applications for wider consumption. 7. White labeling Get a full-fledged BI solution under your own brand name. 8. Highly secure Zoho Reports is governed by Zoho's strong security practices, including support for a secure encrypted connection.


Zoho Reports is a BI and analytics solution on the cloud, that helps small to large organizations get valuable insight from their business information. It allows users to easily create and share powerful reports in minutes with no IT help. Connect to any data source Connect to your data in the cloud or in-house. Analyze data from files, feeds, databases, cloud drives, popular business applications and in-house apps. Deeper analytics Build new calculations with an easy to use formula engine, offering extensive mathematical & statistical functions. Extract the required business metrics for deeper insights. Highly secure Governed by Zoho's strong security practices including support for redundancy, backup, and encrypted connection, ensures that your data is secure and safe. Big data—Quick insights Zoho Reports combines the latest database technology with an efficient Analytics Engine, that can crunch hundreds of millions of records and deliver insights in seconds.



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Zoho Reports is a month-to-month, pay-as-you-go service. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

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Zoho Reports Product Analysis

Zoho Reports Product Analysis

By Aaron Raizen | 12/18/2017 | Product Analysis

In the course of running a small to mid-sized business (SMB), we’re constantly challenged with making important business decisions—a critical component to success. But how can we make smart, informed decisions without the right information? The answer is we can’t. SMB owners will always be in need of accurate, high-quality data to help them grow their businesses to new levels. And in order to collect and organize this data, they’re going to need quality Business Intelligence software.


But more than that, they’re going to need software that is easy to setup, easy to integrate into their existing systems, and easy to use. Luckily Zoho Reports is all of these and has a ton of great features.


To get started with any reporting software, we need to get the data. Even for smaller and newer businesses, and certainly for mid-sized ones, your data is likely to be scattered about in a few different places—in various databases, files on different machines, even spread out amongst several cloud storage services. Zoho reports lets you organize and sync up these sources when creating your reports and analysis.


Besides integrating with other popular Zoho products, you can also connect to external sources such as databases (relational and NoSQL), CSV, TSV, XLS, XLSX and HTML files, URL feeds, the Salesforce CRM, or Google Analytics. Data can also be added directly using an intuitive spreadsheet style interface.


Being able to visualize your data is key to understanding it, and Zoho Reports has all of the standard charts and graphs one would expect with BI software, but also much more. Once your data is connected, you’ll be offered a wide array of auto-generated reports. Zoho Reports will offer you reports you are likely to require, based on the data set you’ve given it. This is a great feature and a huge time saver for those who don’t have time to invest in creating custom reports. You can get great results right away, and with almost no effort.


Of course for those with more demanding requirements, you’ll have access to a wide range of charts, widgets, pivot tables, and tabular view components, all on an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.  


For those with data analysis experience, you’ll find Zoho Reports is quite powerful. Along with prebuilt functions and formulas, you are also able to build custom ones. You can easily manipulate data, add a wide range of filters, and run your own custom SQL queries. The most advanced users can make use of the formula engine, which offers extensive mathematical and statistical functions. The efficient analytics engine can handle big data with ease and will quickly deliver insights based on millions of records.


But what good are reports if no one sees them? Zoho reports has excellent collaboration and sharing features that will help keep the whole team informed. You can publish reports and add login requirements if need be. Further, you can embed reports directly into websites and applications, as well as use the typical export options such as email or printing. Auto sharing features are available for daily, weekly, monthly, etc. reports.


Another important concern when looking for BI software is security, and Zoho Reports delivers on this front too. Zoho data centers are well protected against natural disasters, and their facilities are well monitored with multiple layers of protection including video monitoring and biometric authentication. Their networks are also well monitored with access control, virus scanning, and secure communication protocols.


Since your data is stored on the cloud, Zoho takes care of backing up and securing your data—something they are able to do more efficiently and securely than you could do on your own with locally stored data. Of course, the other major benefit of a cloud based system is accessibility. Seamlessly access all of your data and reports across platforms and machines—from desktop to iPad to smartphone.


Zoho Reports is a great fit for sales, marketing, finance, and HR teams. And no matter how large or small, Zoho has a plan to fit your budget. You can even try it out for free and see for yourself how much you can do with minimal effort.


So if you’re looking for affordable, easy to use, yet incredibly high-powered BI software with all the features you need, look no further than Zoho Reports.

By Aaron Raizen | 12/18/2017 | Product Analysis

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