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7 Apps that Simplify Invoicing for Business

7 Apps that Simplify Invoicing for Business

Keeping the track of finances is one of the most crucial aspects of managing any kind of business. It is essential to produce professional invoice for clients in order to make a positive impression, yet large business that deal with a high volume of small transactions often don’t  generate the invoices at all. Automated invoicing software solves many of these issues and helps in organizing the finances of the company. There are many online invoicing apps that are available for all kinds of businesses and these invoicing tools carry out automated invoice processing and help the business owners to invoice their customers efficiently for faster payment.

How invoicing simplifies business

  • It helps businesses automate the entire recurring invoicing process
  • It enables the users to immediately create and share an invoice with the customers & receive payments faster
  • It enables users to integrate the payment gateway systems with the invoices i.e clients can process the payment online in a single click
  • Mobility makes the invoice easy to access, anywhere anytime
  • Easily manage receivables & collaborate with the clients
  • Generate invoices & receive funds in any currencies
  • It enables user to create & maintain multiple companies on the go


Online invoicing apps

Here are some online invoicing tools which will help you ease the entire procedure of managing the company’s accounts and streamline the whole process of getting paid, and faster too. Here you can check Invoicing Tips for Small Business.



  • Invoice2go



This app makes it easier for the small businesses to create professional invoices and serves as an ideal one stop invoicing solution for different types of businesses. The cloud based invoice application helps the users to stay organized and generate customized invoices from a variety of invoice templates .With complete elimination of paperwork, users can save their time and can easily convert their estimates into invoices with just a click.



  • Express Invoice



The express invoice software helps the clients to manage and track their billing in windows or on any smartphone. It automates the entire process of recurring invoices and automatically sends the statements to the clients with overdue payments. The web access of the customized invoices enables multiple users to login and access the invoice tool through the web interface from anywhere and at any time.


  • Zoho invoice



Zoho invoice is one of the best invoice software solutions in the market. There are a range of versatile features which are added at a reasonable price. It is a web based invoice application which is easy to install, use and it is intuitive. Users can create professional invoices within minutes and can also send friendly reminders to large numbers of clients for getting faster and more on time payments. Zoho offers hassle free invoicing options making it easier to get paid. Users can easily deploy invoices and it encourages the customers to pay on time and in a quick way through the automated reminders and zoho also provides them the links to the online payment options. Zoho invoice has multiple ways of payment and various popular payments options are present which accelerate the response time of the customers on the invoices.


  • Nutcache


Nutcache allows its users to build and send invoices without any limitations. The tool offers simple invoice applications with highly effective time management. With the utilization of Nutcache invoice tool, one can create running list of the invoices that are forwarded to each and every client with the specifications of the amount, date, customer information and the current status. Users can generate a number of estimates which can be reviewed and approved by the customers for online payments. There is also a provision for the conversion of estimates into functional invoices with the availability of multiple formats like RTF, PDF, powerpoint, excel etc. and there is also a time tracking tool for reducing time sheets and effective management of the invoicing process. With all the integrated features at hand, Nutcache offers the most flexible and practical invoicing, time tracking and expense management.



  • Invoiceable


 This software application simplifies the entire invoicing process with the complete management of the payment data. It is a free invoicing app which helps the users to get paid quickly and it provides the complete effective management of all the billing work of the company at one virtual location. The contact details of the customers can be uploaded and saved along with the amount they owe. With the addition of the current billing information, a new invoice can be generated within few seconds. With the utilization of the 265 bill SSL encryption, sensitive data stays fully protected and the billing tool can be accessed from any location through a mobile device as the invoicing platform is highly compatible with both the android and iOS based applications.



  • Invoicera


Invoicera is another internet based app which is designed to create estimates, schedule customized invoices and accept and track the status of the online payments. Users can buy customized invoice templates that are available and can send estimates to the clients along with the conversion of the estimates into customized invoices. The Invoicera app incorporates a dashboard which displays recent invoice activity, invoices sent and received, outstanding invoices, and customer information.



  • Invoice machine

 invoice machine


Invoice machine is a highly advanced invoice management system and this tool allows the users to create new invoices while enabling them to store customer information .With a highly customizable invoicing system which has various convenient features like PayPal integration, saved customer information and much more, Invoice machine serves as one of the best invoicing softwares options. The invoice generated can be downloaded in PDF and can be printed or emailed to the customers. Each invoice can be customized with taxes, discounts and other kinds of financial information. There are also options to convert the invoices into various currencies and languages providing a simple and effective way to streamline the entire invoice processing.



Invoice apps make it easier for businesses to invoice clients and get paid. Users can create professional invoices from anywhere and at any time and it serves as a simple and easy way to send invoices and estimates and track the payment status online too. Invoicing software is intuitive and offers a collection of invoicing tools that helps the users to get paid faster. Invoice apps make it quite convenient for the users to create highly professional, customized and functional invoices thereby helping them to manage their business in an effective way.


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By Chirantan Patel | 7/20/2016 | General

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