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Build Your Client Base With Hoovers

Build Your Client Base With Hoovers

When you are in the world of B2B (Business to Business) sales, being able to have immediate access to information about companies, profiles of managers, business professionals and industries is critical.

There are several ways that companies can obtain this information. For those who are using the old school option, spending hours doing online searchs and trying to discover which companies are your target audience is probably the most common option. In reality, and you already know if you are using this method, it is a hit and miss, frustrating, and very exhausting option.

We realize just how difficult this can be, which is why we think that Hoovers is such a terrific idea for anyone who really wants to have instant information at their fingertips. Hoovers is a subsidiary of Dunn & Bradstreet, so the information tends to be very accurate and up to date.

The Benefits

When we choose applications to offer our customers and clients, we want to be able to show the benefits of these specific services for any company. With Hoovers, you will have access to a commercial database which contains over 85 million companies divided into 900 different industry segments.

In addition, you will find listing for 100 million professionals in all of those career sectors, including relevant social media links for companies and professionals as well as some of the top customizable news feeds.

Helping with Cold Calls

Cold calling is perhaps the most dreaded sales method in any industry. The good news is that with this application you can take most of the “cold” out of the cold calling issues. Through the ability to find out about managers, companies and other details of any business within any business sector you can develop a marketing pitch that is more tailored to fit with the information that is readily available with the program.

Moreover, Hoovers is able to allow you to filter or search by criteria to further refine and customize the lists that you develop. With over 50 different criteria from location to company size to industry, you have a wealth of information right at your fingertips.

There are several additional options with this application. With the subscription, you can also include ConnectMail as well as integrate the software with your customer relationship management, mobile device management as well as your marketing automations for more robust campaigns that are targeted and specific.

Have you tried Hoovers?
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By Gracie | 11/2/2015 | General

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