By Danica Despotovic | 11/14/2015 | General

HR management made easy with Paylocity Web Pay

HR management made easy with Paylocity Web Pay

Can you guess what is the most stressful part of month for an employer? Many claim it is the end of the month, simply because you are supposed to release payments for your employees – and do no-one wrong. In order to do that successfully, one has to know numerous parameters: who worked, when did he work, and how much during the whole month. Tracking all of these is becoming a serious issues even for mid-sized companies, let alone bigger business with hundreds and thousands of employees, requiring the management to hire and rely on a professional to do the job. But then, why does it have to be a person – a web-based software can do exactly the same. One of the tools offering HR administration and performance management is our topic for today: Paylocity.

Basic features

Founded in 1997, Paylocity Corporations has had time to grow and improve, so the list of various specialized products is vast. The one that will be presented in this review is Web Pay, their flagship product. As expected, at hand is a cloud-based software, also available as an application for Android OS. The interface is made with user friendly drag-and-drop technology, so losing yourself in redundant tabs and large number of screens is out of question. Trying to make a list of available features proves to be quite a challenge, so listed are only some most prominent. In the spotlight of Web Pay are human resources – human resource information system (HRIS), to be exact – and online payroll processing. In the latter, those central properties include the Paycheck calculator (various configurations of calculations are possible), pre-process register, online reporting, comprehensive labor distribution, third-party checks/direct deposit, and equal employment opportunity (EEO) tracking with reports. To ease and decrease the paperwork even more, examples of documents are provided. They can be tailored to your needs, as the default ones are the three basic templates built in the software: Job change, Leave of absence and Termination templates. Generally speaking, customization is considered to be the key property responsible for the successful reception among companies. Connecting data of the employee with the corresponding documentation, including applicant tracking, integrated benefits module, COBRA & leave tracking, OSHA/Safety tracking, time-off requests, date-triggered notifications, performance reviews, and so on – all of the above mentioned is offered by Paylocity.

What do users say?

Being so long on the market, it is no small wonder that Paylocity has numerous reviews. Most of the customers find it easy to use once you get accustomed to it. It is perceived as a flexible tool, quite easy to shape all of the account settings to fit your needs. The interface mostly got the highest praises – described as “excellent”, “intuitive” and “pretty simple to handle”. The possibility of employees access in order to manage the deposits, as well as their demographics, is welcomed, since it is reducing the load in terms of paper heavy items. As for the complaints, the loudest are those concerning the customer service. While one think it was never meant to be one of the priorities, others who are longer with Paylocity claim it is due to the unexpected growth rate of the company. The major issues seem to be not the lack of competence to solve the request, but inadequate communication. There are also reports of difficulties during login, although no problems in functionality are accompanied with it. Some of the companies representatives argued it would be more efficient if the dedicated account managers didn’t change so often (the specific reviewer stated they’ve had 3 different managers in 10 months) On the other hand, those who have changed several payroll products were satisfied, at least enough not to change the chosen tool once more.

Are you interested in Paylocity Web Pay? Visit DiscoverCloud knowledge base!

By Danica Despotovic | 11/14/2015 | General

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