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Paylocity vs Paycom

Paylocity vs Paycom

The HR department in an organization is highly crucial to the entire organization. The numerous functions involved in it act as a support for the company as a whole by providing multiple functions, right from finding talented and skilled employees to training services, benefits programs, and much more. Because this department is so very important for the functioning of an organization, the HR professionals in the team should be given access to the right resources and tools to help them perform their duties more effectively and efficiently.

An HR and payroll system is basically a software program that can be used by an organization’s HR department to help the managers and employees attain better results for their efforts and improve their productivity. As many of you may be aware, many human resource tasks are regulated, and therefore, even the slightest mistakes by a company’s HR employee can lead to huge legal issues and also financial losses for the organization. With an HR and payroll software suite, the chances for such mistakes can be significantly reduced, thus eliminating the downfalls associated with them.

When it comes to HR and payroll software, there are many different services offered by different providers that you can purchase and use. However, choosing the one that best suits your business needs is vital. Paylocity and Paycom are two platforms that should be on your list.



Paylocity is a web-based Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and payroll solution that is designed especially to serve small and medium-sized businesses. WebPay is the company’s flagship product, a payroll services platform that features different tools such as online reporting tools, pre-process register, paycheck calculator, direct deposit and check capabilities, labor distribution, and more. This particular platform is available for access around the clock, and complies with the Affordable Care Act.

The software also offers various HR functionalities such as scheduling, learning management, onboarding, personnel tracking, and more. When it comes to performing compliance editing and reporting checks, you can either choose to do it in-house, or use the platform’s Tax Services to seek help from experts. This service can be accessed by businesses in all industries.

Know more about Paylocity here.


Established in 1998, Paycom is one of the first solutions that offer business organizations a substitute to otherwise installed payroll software. The platform uses a technology called Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and delivers web-based human capital management solutions, providing you with real-time access to necessary information.

In addition, the software also facilitates HR management, talent management, reporting, time and labor management, and more such tasks. Its cloud based architecture makes it easy for you to facilitate HR and payroll processes from wherever you are, even when on the go. To make it even more convenient for business professionals, the software also ensures ACA compliance.



  • Good customization capabilities.
  • Strong reporting and analytics.
  • Navigation is simple and intuitive.
  • Unified database for HR and payroll.


  • Proactive alerts.
  • All in one application.
  • 24/7 access to information.

Head-to-Head Matchup


 Paylocity Paycom

Typical Customers

Small Businesses

Medium Sized Businesses

Mid Size Businesses

Large Enterprises

Public Administrations

Non Profits

Features Offered

Performance Management

Advanced Reporting

Configurable Templates

ACA Compliance


Self Service Portal

Employee Record Management

Talent Management

and more

Human Capital Management

Time and Labor Management

Document Management



Talent Acquisition

Talent Management


Document Management

HR Management

and more



If you are looking to outsource some of your less-critical payroll and HR operations, and retain control over the more crucial operations, Paylocity is one platform that provides this convenience. Paycom is an equally good tool that provides comprehensive HR and payroll solutions in a single platform.

By Preethi Darshan | 5/23/2016 | General

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