Industry Software Solutions

Shipping Software

Ship orders to customers and track orders in real time, manage all your orders received from your various online stores and choose different shipping companies based on your requirements, all with the help of a shipping software.  The software helps you streamline your shipping process and thus [...]

By Aparna Mishra | 2/3/2016 Read More >

Banking Software

Banking software is primarily used by commercial or retail banks and is more commonly referred to as core banking software.  The software records and manages clients’ accounts with the banks and the transactions they carry out from these accounts. It also allows the customers to do b [...]

By Aparna Mishra | 2/2/2016 Read More >

Pest Control Software

Try out a software that is designed exclusively for your pest control business. Ease of use, available for mobile devices, adaptable to both Windows and Mac platforms, and much more is what you get with pest control software solutions. Choose from amongst the many available in the market which will [...]

By Aparna Mishra | 1/20/2016 Read More >

Field Service Software

Field service software (FSS) packages provides end-to-end management of an organization’s field service operations. With features such as scheduling, dispatch, inventory tracking, invoices, task and asset management, work orders, and submission and tracking of customer proposals, you have almo [...]

By Aparna Mishra | 1/16/2016 Read More >

Dental Software

If you are looking for a software for your dental practice you will be spoilt for choice. Depending upon your practice type you can choose the software that offers you features to cater to your needs. By and large, dental software packages cater to general dentists, implantologists, periodontis [...]

By Aparna Mishra | 1/12/2016 Read More >

Event Registration Software

Organizing an event is a task in itself. From planning the event, venue set-up, to finding sponsors, marketing the event, there is lot that is involved in organizing an event. Apart from this, the presence of attendees is what makes the event a huge success eventually. [...]

By Aparna Mishra | 1/7/2016 Read More >

Digital Asset Management Software

Avoid duplication of your assets, stay up-to-date with your collections and provide the required security for your assets with the help of digital asset management (DAM) software. Media files like images, audio and video files can be catalogued, supported and maintained by DAM software. [...]

By Aparna Mishra | 1/6/2016 Read More >

Catering Software

Manage your catering business with the easy-to-use catering software. Most catering software packages offer you a variety of features depending upon the size of your business. Either desktop based or web based, the software packages are also customizable to fit to your business needs. [...]

By Aparna Mishra | 1/4/2016 Read More >

Fleet Maintenance Software

With the help of fleet maintenance software you can reduce the costs of your repairs. With its reporting mechanism you can identify usage as well as your repair trends which allows you to be proactive and reduce downtime and it allows you to extend the life of your fleet to get most of out it.   [...]

By Aparna Mishra | 12/30/2015 Read More >

Legal Software

A software that law firms could not do without. A software that helps law firms take care of their legal practice. A software that offer law firms all that they need: help in managing firms’ cases, records of clients, accounting and billing, legal compliance documents, electronic filing,   [...]

By Aparna Mishra | 12/29/2015 Read More >

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